iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Waterproof, Drop Test, Durability In Scratch And Bend Test [Video]

Here are iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus waterproof (or water resistant), drop test and also showing both scratch test and bend test to see how it stands against it. You can check out of a iPhone 7 durability video of Black (matte) model.


Lucky ones have managed to get their hands on the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will definitely want to know if it lives up to Apple’s claims of being water resistant to the IP67 rating. There is still chances of dropping your devices on a fairly regular basis, it’s worthwhile knowing if a drop onto a hard surface would result in utter destruction, or else that new iPhone is capable of handling a connection with the concrete floor. Now that, you can recognize a lot of changes that made under-the-hood with the iPhone 7, its resistance to water and drops remains to be seen.

Additionally, we hope you take the opportunity to use the device for its intended purpose, and not to put it through a series of durability test like the JerryRigEverything has. To know about what exactly Apple’s new Black (matte) iPhone 7 is made of without actually having to destroy our own devices, simply relax and sit back to watch as the iPhone 7 is tested to its limits.

Water resistance for the iPhone goes back as late as the iPhone 6/6 Plus, and Apple quietly added a gasket to the iPhone 6s/6s Plus, but it really wasn’t until the iPhone 7/7 Plus that the company used the IP67 rating to slap onto its smartphone range.

Waterproof Test

In this testimonial when you take your brand new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and decide to forgo the usual processes of using it like, well, an actual smartphone and soak it in fresh water, hot coffee and carbonated soda? Nevertheless, these waterproofing tests seems that nothing happens and the device continues to function exactly as Apple claimed it would thanks to the IP67 rating. Judging by these tests, even pulling the iPhone apart after it has been submerged in the various liquids, and then cleaned up with running water, shows that there is no water intake whatsoever into the internal components.

If you even strap the device to your head on a stick, and then fling yourself into the ocean with the device, then you can also expect the iPhone 7 to come out of the experience totally unscatched and still working as marketed. We can now admit that Apple has indeed done an impressive job of making the device water resistant.

Drop Test

Testing against water proves the device that is claimed to be is water resistant, but what about actually dropping the iPhone from various heights, at various angles onto solid ground? Any device coming from a manufacture doesn’t actually promote or markets their device as smash resistant, and with the iPhone 7, Apple is no different. Testing from an approximate mid-head height sees a Rose Gold iPhone 7 landing on solid concrete flooring with no damage other than a few expected scuffs to the outer shell. The display and all other aspects of the hardware are still functional.

In a total of the iPhone 7 subjected to twelve individual drops from two height variations, and the results suggest that Apple has indeed built a very strong device that’s capable of withstanding fair amount of abuse.

Scratch Test

The iPhone display is really at the centre of everything that we do with the device. Watching, viewing and interacting with content and experiences. Launching apps via touch. Even using 3D Touch on the pressure sensitive screens to invoke new menus and new interactions. So it definitely make sense to start any durability test with the display. The displayed tested to only see where the glass falls on Mohs scale of hardness, and as expected, like previous iPhone models, the glass begins to scratch at around level 6, meaning that general items like coins will not cause damage to the iPhone 7 display.


Interesting part of the iPhone 7 is its new Force Touch, capacitive, non-mechanical Home button that is reportedly made of extremely scratch-resistant sapphire glass. Using Mohs scale of hardness once again, it shows that the Home button is susceptible to scratching at around level 6 of the scale. But, it’s fairly impressive to see it withstand attempted destruction with a blade without suffering so much as a scratch.

Glass is actually one-element that can clearly withstand some abuse, but with the back of the iPhone 7 is another story altogether. Overall, yet another solid iPhone from Apple is here and should need to check out the video for yourself to see if we have another bendgate situation on your hands with iPhone 7.

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