This is definitely not the Real iPhone 8 Retail Box, Leaked So Fast?

Yes of course, not all iPhone 8 rumors should be believed, just because it’s July and we’re getting closer to Apple’s fall iPhone event. With every passing day we are definitely moving closer and closer to Apple’s official unveil of the 2017 iPhone lineup. Take for instance, the following image that leaked out showing off the alleged iPhone 8 retail box. It’s fake news, as someone would put it.

Originally from Weibo, this image that you are looking at would appear to be a “legit” iPhone 8 leak, because the general consensus on the iPhone 8’s design is that it’ll have a vertical dual lens camera system on the back, a design element that will help you quickly identify it.

Already said the word, that the high-end iPhone 8 is what’s likely to grab all the attention. The leaks will continue to come over-and-over the next few weeks and months leading up to the launch in September, starting with this highly sketchy image purporting to be the official retail packaging for that new product.

However, when you look carefully at the leaked iPhone 8 box image, this exactly points at the poor quality picture that has a few telling signs that it’s a photoshop job. For starters, there’s an antenna line on the top of the screen. The iPhone 8 will “kill” those unsightly antennas. Such antennas are usually paired with metal phones, and the iPhone 8 will have a fully glass sandwich design.

The image itself has been originally shared and pushed into the public domain via Chinese social media, with no real corresponding information to suggest where it has come from or who actually captured the photocopy. The box itself shows that is alleged to be a black iPhone 8 complete with the vertically aligned iSight Duo camera that we have heard before about over the recent months.

Speaking of glass, that real shell doesn’t look like it’s glass either, which can only mean it’s aluminum. That’s one other red flag to tick.

Moving on to the power/standby button, which is supposed to be slightly longer on the iPhone 8. Factor in the fact that we’re looking at a pixelated image, and have got one more reason to question this “leak.”

There’s also the standard Apple logo in the center and the text-based info on the bottom of the device that we are used to seeing with any iPhone model release. But the fact is that it’s extremely pixelated and a poor quality is yet another concern of its legitimacy.

Finally, the timing of this leak is off. Yes, September is close, meaning the iPhone 8’s design is finalized, and retail packaging leaks are in order. But we can’t guarantee that this isn’t the real deal, but specific rumors over the last few months would suggest that we are looking at a Photoshop job here. As mentioned already, we are expecting an iPhone 8 with a glass back and a metal frame, but this picture shown on this box doesn’t really seem to have that expected glass rear.

But it sure feels like it’s too early to see retail boxes pop online. Comparatively, we only saw iPhone 7 retail box and marketing material leaks at the beginning of September, days before Apple unveiled the device.

Also, there’s no 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom suggests someone simply photoshopped an iPhone 8 leak on top of an iPhone 7 retail box image. And the slightly elongated Power / Lock button on the side, we’re expecting.

It’s said that the iPhone 8 is going to see significant delays this year. Apple will probably unveil it during its mid-September show, but initial supply chain will be insufficient to meet demand. No way Apple would want to confirm the iPhone 8 design by risking a retail box leak at this particular point in time. Stay tuned for more!

Update X1: iOS 10.3.3 Beta 6 And macOS 10.12.6 Beta 6 Download Released To Developers And Testers

(Source: Weibo)

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