Is Airtel Buying Aircel 4G Airwaves To Close The Gap With Reliance Jio [Reports]

It seems that Bharti Airtel is closer enough in purchasing 4G airwaves from Aircel, paying almost Rs 3,800 crores to strengthen its high-speed broadband spectrum holdings prior to the expected battle over data services with Reliance Jio Infocomm. Details regarding the Airtel and Aircel deal on 4G spectrum can be found after this jump.

According to the report, the deal of purchasing Aircel’s 4G spectrum in the 2300MHz freuency band in eight circles is expected to be finalised in mid-March, as said by those poersons aware of this agreement. If this happens on time, then Airtel’s 4G footprint will expand across bands to 18 circles from 15, closing the gap with Jio, the only telco rival with pan-India holdings in all 22 circles.

Now that both the Airtel and Aircel are pretty much interested in closing this deal quickly as possible for furthering their plans linked to the sale. A Bharti Airtel spokeperson said, “We keep receiving proposals from various quarters. We review them from time to time. As and when any proposal gets finalised we make appropriate disclosures“.

Bharti Airtel although aggressively pushing to acquire the 4G spectrum and has also invested in buying Qualcomm’s airwaves in four circles. Followed by had purchased Auguere Wireless that owned 4G airwaves in the Chattisgarh-Madhya Pradesh sector. It was last yera when Airtel annunced that it had acquired 111.6 MHz of prime spectrum across 900MHz, 1800MHz and 2100MHz bands for a total consideration of Rs 29,130 crore in the spectrum auction conducted by the Govt of India.

However the company had successfully renewed all its spectrum holdings in the 900MHz band in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and Nort East circles. And also acquired additional spectrum in the band in key leadership circles of KA, AP, Punjab, HP, North East, Assam, Bihar, and Orissa.

The Airtel also acquired 1800MHz spectrum over Punjab, AP, Kolkata, Haryana, Orissa and North East. Added its spectrum holding in the 2100 MHz band by acquiring fresh spectrum in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh (East), Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Tamil Nadu circles.

Bharti Airtel offers pan India 4G services using a combination of FD-LTE technology in the 1800 MHz band and TD-LTE roll-out in 2300MHz band and hopes to put up a stiff fight on technology platforms similar to what Jio will use and on pricing.


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