Microsoft Made A Dedicated Selfie App For iPhone, Edit Like Professional

Microsoft has just ahead of New Year Eve released a brand new app for iPhone. It isn’t a piece of productivity, but is a Selfie app. For iOS, it basically an app with the usual bells and whisles and while we are not complaining, we only need to wonder what prompted a company like Microsoft to make an app release with a purpose so insignificant.

Called Microsoft Selfie. For iPhone, there is a huge list of best selfie apps every selfie addict would like to have downloaded and installed. Microsoft’s Selfie iOS app is released to simply snap a photo and make sure that your selfi-portrait turns out beautiful enough so you can confidently share it with your Facebook or WhatsApp friends and family via social media medai websites like Twitter, Instagram etc. Nothing went wrong with the approach, but we’re talking about a purpose that is being well handled by a plethora of similar apps, including Apple’s own stock Camera app.

Microsoft has released a new photo app for iOS devices designed to help you feel better about your selfies on your smart-Phones.
Now that, what makes Microsoft Selfie stand out from the rest of crowd? Similar to other alternative apps, you have a choice of different filters to choose from, nothing new anymore. Here’s an option given to choose filters, the app will then take the subject’s “age, gender, skin tone, lighting, and many other variables into account,” and apply the required touches automatically when needed.

If Microsoft is making apps like these to only collect user information to improve its machine learning, carrying Microsoft Corportaion as the publisher that app can’t eally conjure up an acceptable excuse for being of any innovation. An experimental release or something out of Microsoft Garage. Whatever the case maybe, what Microsoft want you to know is that the “key features” of the app are “noise reduction, intelligent enhancement, automatic exposure, and color theme.”

How saving and sharing options go? You can only store the photo to your Camera Roll with no option for sharing from within the app.

Microsoft although has stepped onto the top of the iOS App Store with pretty good success with many of its apps finding, but this latest iteration by the software giant compels us to believe that the company could be simply testing this crowded market for some possibly bigger plans in the upcoming days.

Wish to give the app a whril, it can be downloaded for free right from the link given below. For Android and Windows Phone apps, users will definitely need to wait for sometime more as there’s no word on when or if that app will land on the other two platforms.

(Download: Microsoft Selfie for iPhone from the App Store)

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