You Can Now Purchase Nexus 6P 64GB Phone From Amazon Directly With $50 Off For Limited Time

Want to get your hands on Huawei-made Nexus 6P from somewhere other than Google Store? Then visit, which has made available of this year’s Nexus flagship phone a bit cheaper than its original cost. Selling Nexus 6P directly, which was previously gone through third-party sellers only.

Currently, with the Google Store already retailing both the 32GB and 64GB versions of the Nexus 6P with $50 off their price for limited time, Amazon has now decided to get in the same track, selling that 64GB Nexus 6P model right away directly for $50 off at $499 down from the original $550 price-tag. This is the first time that Nexus 6P has been made available on Amazon for a discounted price.

For now there’s no signs of discount issued on 32GB or 128GB of the Nexus 6P on Amazon, but it’s unknown whether they will both be appearing with or without discount on Amazon officially or if Amazon will inexplicably only be carrying the middle of the road version (64GB), at least when it it comes to storage capacity, for drop down price. The device with 64GB is probably the sweat spot for most so things could certainly be worse in that reagrd.

Now that both the Amazon and Google Store offering the 64GB Nexus 6P for just pay of $499, it’s also worth pointing out that Amazon is at the moment selling last year’s Nexus 6 for a bargain tactic $250. If the Nexus 6P is a little rich and premium then Amazon’s Nexus 6 deal is well worth checking out, even if it is the 32GB variant that’s on offer.


Don’t need a 128GB Nexus 6P,  then we suggest picking up the 64GB Nexus 6P for discounted price before Amazon sells out right now.

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