Nokia Phones Return With Android In Early 2017

In fact Nokia is planning to release two new Android powered smartphones early next year, one as a Nokia-Android tablet as well.

Nokia D1C
This isn’t the first time Nokia-branded handsets running Android are due to arrive in 2017, actually after announcing its plans to return to tablets and handsets back in May, Nokia is providing more details today as it formalizes a licensing agreement with HMD Global (HMD), which is the new home of Nokia phones that comes under a brand licensing deal that will last for at least 10 years.

It was Nokia D1C with Android Nougat, 3GB RAM, Full HD display and 13MP camera was listed on AnTuTu benchmarks website recently. Later today we have come across its agreement with HMD based in Finland, Nokia is launching a new phones section on its site, marking the return of its branded smartphones and tablets after Microsoft acquired its phone business and killed off the Nokia brand in favor of Lumia for smartphones.


Now that it is clear that the first Nokia-branded handsets powered by Android will be available in the first half of 2017, alongise Nokia-branded feature phones. So we’ll be left waiting until early next year to see if the dream of an Android-powered Nokia phone is truly able to compete with Apple, by making a deal to produce an iPad mini clone running Android, followed by Google, Samsung and many other OEMs Android phones on the market.

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