Oculus Touch Supported Games Adds 53 Titles, Arrives Early For Some Controllers

We have got more about what does Oculus Touch mean for virtual reality, and the company behind VR headsets has made people wait for a very long time for the launch of Touch controllers. That will finally be released in the coming week and has already been confirmed that games that will have support for the controllers at launch. By means, there are 53 Oculus Touch supported games available for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset at this point in time. When will all of them be available to play with Oculus Touch is in question? May be day one.


There are just two days left people until Oculus begins delivering its Touch controllers to ravenous fans around the globe. These are those controllers that will be enabling new games, new experiences, and an entirely different way to enjoy VR for Oculus Rift users. More than just unlocking new gameplay features for owners of Rift. Touch has the chance to completely reorganize the VR landscape.

Now, however Oculus is poised to release new, and potentially lucrative, accessory while also creating relative parity between itself and its biggest rival with Touch. The list includes games such as Job Simulator, Kingspray, The Unspoken, and The Climb. Later will certainly be added more in the coming months. The Rift will theoretically be able to do anything that the Vine can do.

Question for you all; what does Oculus Touch mean for the VR industry as a whole? The first would be the competition. Right now, the high-end VR scene is a roost ruled by three major players. Oculus (owned by Facebook), HTC (in partnership with Valve) and PlayStation VR (a Sony’s product) PS VR is a host unto itself as the borders between the console and PC space are already well established.


Although, the Rift and Vive have been differentiated primarily by their touch control schemes. The Vive has tracked hand controllers and roomscale capabilities. Users of Vive can turn in 360-degrees, walk several paces in any direction and can interact with their hands while inside VR. For the last nine months or so the Rift was been unable to compete in this regard.

Has also confirmed that the demo game Toybox is going to be available as a free download when the Oculus Touch controllers go live on sale. Finally, it is all set to be released in the next few weeks. While Toybox joins Dead and Buried, Medium, and Quill as the free titles that Oculus offers aside from pre-order bonuses which include VR Sports and The Unspoken.


Starting next year, more than enough games designed specifically for Touch will be released, including but not limited to Giant Corp: Justice Above All, Lone Echo, Arktika.1, and Robo Recall.

The full list of Oculus Touch supported game titles is now available on the company’s official blog here. Oculus Touch controllers releasing on December 6th with an ease.

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