Samsung Deal With Apple To Supply Flexible OLED Panels For iPhone 7

According to this new report, Samsung will be playing a big role in producing vast majority of its OLED displays for the next Apple’s iPhone. Now that it has been clarified that the South Korean electronics in talks with the Cupertino-based rival company, by signing in an agreement to supply OLED screens for the new iPhone 7, and with that hands-on, Samsung will become the largest flexible OLED supplier for Apple in 2016.

Samsung and Apple both are like cat and rat and also played a huge game in cloning issues and despite being one of biggest rivals, Samsung offering a range of Android-powered devices that compete with iPhone. Supplies a number of components that make the new iDevice including its A-series processors and RAMs.

Apple on the other hand confirmed that it will switching from LCD panels to OLED panels for its forthcoming iPhone devices in 2018. Might be called iPhone 9 or whatever it Apple decides to name it will come with OLED screens that will increase its quality and durability.

If we speak about Samsung’s iPhone OLED displays, the company behind manufacturing it is also investing $7.47 billion to increase its production so that it can build panels for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, though. While the investment should allow Samsung to swirl put between 30K and 45,000 OLED displays a month, sources say.

When speaking about Apple, it never used OLED displays in mobile devices, but Apple Watch has it on-board and iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices always employed LCD panels. Now that it has been considered to be OLED is far better than LCDs in a number of ways, including power efficiency, where Samsung planning to invest heavily to meet Apple’s huge demand.

In 2016, Samsung may go beyond between US$ 2.49 billion to $3.32 billion in OLED plants and further increase it to another $6.64 billion by the end of 2017 to increase the capacity per month. Will see around $8.30 million investment in order to expand their production capabilities for Samsung Galaxy and other smartphones comes from China.

Unconfirmed by Apple as yet, but we expect it could do so in coming days and we recomment taking it with a pinch of salt. Stay tuned, for a big announcement from Apple, makes the iPhone 7 official in around September 2016.


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