Samsung Galaxy Note FE ‘Fan Edition’ Announced, Sales Starting With Korea July 7

Samsung has finally announced the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 units in the form of Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition (Note FE) in South Korea. This happens after several rumors surfaced, now officially, the company has introduced the phablet into the south Korean market, that too with no specifications refresh, which actually comes with the same Galaxy Note 7 specs – discontinued due to battery issue and uses several components from the Note7. This time around, the same but upgraded one, Galaxy Note FE uses a smaller 3,200mAh battery with 8-Point Battery Safety Check and multi-layer safety measures protocol implemented, similar to the Galaxy S8 series.

The resurrected Galaxy Note 7 launches officially on July 7th, which Samsung has confirmed both recent rumors and its own teaser by announcing a refurbished version of the Note 7. The S Pen included. The UI for the Note 7 FE is the same as the one that is found on the Galaxy S8 which also means it includes an ‘Always On’ function. But still there is no dedicated Bixby button, rather Bixby can be found on the device.

The relaunched Note 7 under the name Galaxy Note Fan Edition comes with some key changes and not many as well. Will go in sale starting 7th July, and the company claims it has been “enhanced with multiple safety designs.”

Samsung is also updating the software on the Galaxy Note FE (Fan Edition) so it can run Bixby, the company’s new digital assistant. By the way, Samsung is only manufacturing 400,000 Galaxy Note FE’s, the units will only be available to grab first in South Korea initially with other markets “decided later.” These Third-Party Apps Gets Support For Bixby

Rumors suggest Samsung will announce its new Galaxy Note 8 in August, so most audience will likely skip this Fan Edition in favbor and wait for the Note 8. The note is expected to include a dual-camera system and a slightly redesigned/curved display than the Galaxy S8+.

Inside the refurbished, the big difference would be that the company uses a smaller capacity batteries that have passed stricter testing standards, and finding one, the Galaxy Note FE will sell for about 30% lss than the original Note 7, at 699,600 won (about $611). Samsung says it again, and it has already ruled out sales in the US, it’s more about clearing inventory by selling to fans still suffering from withdrawal.

Interested in buying one for you, Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition comes in Blue Coral, Golden Platinum, Silver Titanium and Black Onyx colors. Share your thoughts behind the scenes or directly via Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

(Source: Samsung Newsroom (translated))

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