Snapchat To Serve Movie Tickets That You Can Buy More Online

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The photo sharing app Snapchat may soon be your buddy destination for movie tickets. You can soon be able to buy more on Snapchat, as it may be moving close to a more regular ticket buying experience according to an executive ticketing company Fandango. Here is everything you need to know about.

It happens like this, while Fandango wants us to buy movie tickets via Facebook or text message, as it is the biggest movie ticket distributer in the country, now been teamed up with Facebook to make your next ticket purchase even easier. The partnership allows user to buy tickets directly through a movie’s official Facebook page. This move makes a lot of sense and it’s a great idea as well. The simplicity of buying tickets via Facebook and inviting friends through an event, Messenger or just a simple status update takes a lot of the work out of leaving the house.

Every importantly, the only move Fandagno made to make your life even simpler. Apple device owners have made the jump to iOS 10 this week now have the ability to buy tickets via text messages through its ‘Messenger’ platform. A similar feature is in the works for Snapchat users as well.

According to The New York Times, Fandango president Paul Yanover — who was promoting a new integration with Facebook Messenger — seemed to hint that his company was working with Snapchat to build out in-app ticket purchasing. The strategy was an attempt to be more aggressive with ticketing options. Millennial no longer leave the house to go to movie theaters.

As Fandango is working on an “interface designed for Snapchat,” according to The Times report:

A Fandango interface designed for Snapchat (again, allowing users to buy tickets without toggling between apps or leaving the platform) is on the way. “This is about Fandango appearing in these environments in an organic, natural way — the way people communicate with each other now, the way they actually discover, plan and buy,” Mr. Yanover said.”

The move to put tickets right in front of their face on the platforms they’re already using should help with that, or at least that’s what Fandango is banking on. While the plan appears to be more far-reaching than Fandango’s previous collaboration with Snapchat. And a Snapchat spokesperson declined to offer further information regarding its future planning but nevertheless noted that company had previously partnered with Fandango.

Would efforts like these will be key factor if Snapchat hopes to meet its aggressive revenue goals and – go public?

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