SoundCloud’s New $9.99 Streaming Service To Rival Apple Music Offering [Updated]

Soundcloud as you know its a popular streaming music platform, has recently rolled out an update to its iOS app. Added a Soundcloud subscription model into the service that will provide users with a few premium monthly upgrades on to of the discoverability and personalization previously offered.


Called it “Souncloud Go” – discovered by The Verge, which will run users a $12.99 on a monthly basis if purchased through the App Store, with a free 30 day trial to test the waters beforehand. Outside the iOS App Store, Soundcloud Go will only cost you a bit less than inside, of $9.99/month.

However, the announcement has yet to be made official by Soundcloud, though the version 4.0.0 update release notes, the company already lists a few ways to upgradeing to the monthly subscription could eventually benefit its users. These advantages include a bolstered track list, the ability to listen offline, and the removal of interspersed advertisements within playlists.

Upgrade to SoundCloud Go to:
– Play all tracks
Access a newly expanded catalog of everything from Grammy-winners to garage bands

– Listen offline
Listen to your favorite tracks anytime, anywhere, with or without a signal

– Go ad-free
Listen without any ad interruptions

Joins the growing list of streaming music services on offer for users to choose from, most of them available on iOS for $9.99 per month: Apple Music, Spotify Premium, and Tidal, among others to compete with Soundcloud Go. There are variations on monthly subscriptions when factoring in family plans and an upper-tier “Tidal HiFi” offering that with better quality sund for $19.99 a month. For the most part Soundcloud Go will enter the streaming music market at the same level as its rivals.

Update 1x: A previous version of this article reads the monthly cost of Soundcloud Go was $12.99 everywhere, but the company has confirmed that price is only to the feww Apple charges for Apple Store subscriptions.

Download Soundcloud for iPhone from iOS App Store for free. [Direct Link]

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