New iPhone SE Case Rendering Confirms iPhone 5s-Like Design

The whole comes from Spigen, supporting the rumored launch date of the 4-inch “iPhone SE,” case has iPhone 5s-style design. Renderings from Spigen has mixed rumors and lacks part leaks, that suggests an 5s body with an iPhone 6-like curved glass front panel, two notions that are difficult to merge with iPhone SE concept. Now, what?

Design schematics and early cases leaked out of China however, haven’t been quite helpful thus far, also offering up conflicting information on the final drawings, but renderings from an established, well-known case maker could help shed some light on what we can expect with iPhone SE.

Spigen is one of the best accessory manufacturing company that often has some of the first cases available for new iOS devices. Now that iPhone SE is no exception, though, the company is working rediculously on cases for the 4-inch iPhone, and case renderings obtained by the source suggest Spigen believes a design that’s neary identical to the design of iPhone 5s.

With that said, the iPhone SE continues to have the same usual shape as the 5s, with a rounded volume bottons, a power button located at the top of the hardware, and a pill-shaped flash integrated. Suggested the iPhone SE could perhaps have a camera that protrudes slightly, which can’t be determined fromthe leaked Spigen case renderings.

Cases from Spigen wrap around the front of the iPhone screen, SE making it unclear how the density of the gadget differs from the display of the iPhone 5s. The edges of the iPhone SE, found in the case are also not visible, so taking or speaking any slight differences in curvature would be a bit diffidult to conclude from the renderings.

Manufacturers of cases in multiple way points that the iPhone SE will be holding the same size as of that iPhone 5s. Several have been confident in that assesment, but how that unlitmately meshes with rumors of an iPhone 6-style display remains to be seen.

We’ve laredy seen iPhone SE cases with distinctly different styles, so there is some disagreement on design between accessory makers. But given all of the conflicting information by Spigen, the design of the device may still ramain sale until it officially makes its debut on March 21st.

(Source: MacRumors)

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