These Incredible iPhone 6s / iPhone 6s Plus Cases Can Heal Themselves From Sratches

Here’s something that many don’t know. Of course its not that big deal now but if you have an iPhone 6, or an iPhone 6s/6s Plus, you will wonder to know anything about these healing cases. The best options you definitely have today is to protect your smartphone from drops and dings, obviosuly, also doesn’t want to hide that gorgeous design. Not only do we have advanced and top-end computers that are bundled into a tiny little smartphone case to be carried around in our pockets, though, we want a case for our phones that can heal itself from sratches and scuffs, then, look no further than this option.


In a magnificient and utterly exciting modern age we live in, holding an expensive hardware, will need a radically protective case, so that we can protect that hefty investment with an ultra-slim case that not only maintains and promotes the iPhone’s beautiful visuals, claerly has the ability to heal itself in the event of many damages on the screen. Yes, that’s right, this Just Mobile TENC case for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus can use magic to do so when required.

On the surface these TENC Self-healing Ultra-Slim transparent cases for iPhones look just like any other clear case cover, but they’re hiding a pretty incredible secret, where they’re coated with a special layer of plastic that is somewho able to heal itself from scratches. The manufacturer of this gorgeous little case describes it as being a “masterwork of technical virtuosity”, whatever that actually means.

This transparent, nearly-visible – self-healing protective case for the iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6 Plus.6s Plus have been specifically designed and ultimately crafted from auto-healing smart materials and perfectly tailored to house and compliment the iPhone that sits so naturally within it.


The first instance – protecting the iPhone from damage through drops and knocks, and the same time also promote the iPhone’s visual beauty as well. In addition to its protective design, the TENC case has also been deemed to take into account the fact that users will still actually want to use their gadgets in the manner that they are accutomed to. This includes an open bottom design to ensure that the phone can still be docked and used with Lightning cables as general.

This slim case not only self-healing, but it’s also excellent value for money and comes in multiple colors to suite your taste and needs. Consumers can go through a Clear, Gray or Matte Clear finish that would look stunning with any of the shades the iPhone 6s/6 and iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus are available in.

Key features:

  • Slim, self-healing case to scratches
  • Contour to the iPhone’s curved edges
  • Incredible durability without compromising the beauty of phone
  • Open bottom design to work with charging docks
  • Auto-Healing smart materials repair scratches
  • Snug edge fit for ultimate protection
  • Soft-touch comfort
  • Full access to all ports, cameras and buttons
  • Offering incredible durability without ever compromising the beauty of your beloved phone

The case usually retails for $25 (iPhone 6s/6) and $30 (iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus). Nevertheless, those can be grabbed at a discounted price for limited time period from the direct links below.

Buy: Just Mobile Self-Healing Case for iPhone 6s/6 (Gray) from Amazon
Buy: Just Mobile Self-Healing Case for iPhone 6s/6 (Clear) from Amazon

Buy: Just Mobile Self-Healing Case for iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus (Gray) from Amazon
Buy: Just Mobile Self-Healing Case for iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus (Clear) from Amazon

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