This Accessory Here: Superbook Lets You Turn Your Smartphone Into A Full-Fledged Laptop [Video]

The smart laptop shell that transforms your Android smartphone into a portable, powerful, and supercharged computer has surpassed its required funding goal on Kictstarter, and there is good reason to that to be uber exited about this.

Think you never heard about the Superbook project, but nevertheless exists as a quick and convinient way to leverage the processing and computational power of an Android device in order to offer a full computing rejoice on a usable screen Andromium Inc. were initially looking for a meager $50,000 to fund the project, but have so far received more than $400,000 with 28 days still to go.

It seems not be so simple rather confusing at first glance. But when you actually dive into it, it not only becomes extremely clear what the folks at Adromium are trying to teach, but also that it’s an undeniably good idea and if the swift and excess funding is any hint, there is a huge marketplace for such a DIY accessory.

It’s not like GeoHotz computer hacking, but the level of enthusiasm has been validated by the fact that the project is now flying past stretch goals like they are going out of art. Users are essentially paying attention on privilege of convenience and being able to access computing power without having to carry around a full machine. Other than that, the Superbook accessory is ultimately a shell of a laptop which does not carry any processing power at all, which eventually makes this all the more interesting.

The fact that this Superbook manages to come with more than just the benefit of facilitating a full computer experience through the use of an Android device. A lot of users tend to upgrade their smartphone on a year or two-yearly basis, ensuring that they always have the latest hardware hands-on with the gigantic latest powerhouse internals.

The case here is that, it could become totally unnecessary to constantly upgrade a computer or laptop in parallel. In fact, such is the confidence, that Andromium believes the Superbook “can do it all“, including offering access to desktop-class browsing, access to apps, games, and even futuristic programming when on the go if that’s your big thing.

The Superbook will come with an 11.6-inch HD display which could be updated to 1080p Full HD if the stretch goal of $1 million is reached. It will offer up to eight hours of battery time before it requires a charge for life. There’s a built-in keyboard with Android navigation keys, multi-touch trackpad, and even access to all files and documents stored on the Android device, something like a PC Suite.

Users will have to plug in the Android phone (running Android 5.0 or up) via the USB-C port, watch the Andromium app load up, and away you go with instant access t all of the oft-mentioned. If you want to back the project, you can still do so as the amount pledged continues to rise.

The Superbook is expected to ship out to backers in January and February 2017 for $99, and will be available in Blue and Gold colors.

Now, it’s time to turn your smartphone into a fully-fledged computer using this Superbook tech. (Source: Kickstarter)

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