These Are Free and Legal Music Download Sites

Here are the best places to visit to get free music downloads legally. Discover new talent by downloading MP3s or any other format music files for free of cost.

Of course, there is a mass of free music on the internet that is produced by artists just waiting to be grabbed. Most of these usually been covered by the creative commons license which allows you to listen, copy, share, or even burn the tracks to CD.

Looking for free and legal MP3 music files to download? There’s so much free music available out there, and we have listed our top sites. With the essential collection here will give you access to literally thousands of music tracks you can download for free – yes, absolutely free.

Before you go visit those 5, or 10, 12 websites that offer free music downloads, you should be a fan of a big music lover and really want to get all the free music downloaded into your iOS, Android or any other platform very easily.

You can find only the best and brightest in this list of the 11 places to get music downloads legally, and again saying legally. In order to get free music downloads in high-quality MP3 format, these are the best places so they’ll play on your computer and phone. Since you can download and save them directly, they’ll forever be yours.

All the free music downloads here are legal so they are either public domain or in most cases the artists have given permission for you to download and enjoy their hard work. That eventually means you can feel great about listening to the music and discovering some hidden gems you might have otherwise passed up.

10 Best Free And Legal Music Downloads Websites

1. Jamendo

Legally download free music via Jamendo

Everything at Jamendo are made available through Creative Commons licensing, meaning that all the free music downloads are from artists themselves who have decided they want to give out their music for free to all the masses to enjoy.

Jamendo Music hosts over 470,000 tracks for you to download for free. A lot of the content is covered, which generally gives you the freedom to copy and share your music downloads.

You can discover new music at Jamendo by viewing the most popular, most downloads, most played, the latest releases of the free music downloads, and editor-picked lists, etc. You can also search for artists that you know to see if there music is available for download.

Another way to find great music here at Jamendo is by listening to one of the Jamendo radio channels. When you find a song or artist you like, you can then download that single track or the entire album.

The Jamendo service also gives you the opportunity to review, share, and make a donation, that too if you like. Rather stream the music at Jamendo instead of download it, they give you that option as well.

Jamendo has free apps (here) available for Android, iOS, and Windows.

2. SoundClick

Download Free Music Legally

SoundClick is a social music service that has been live since 1997. It is the ultimate portal into finding free music downloads directly from the artists websites. It has over 5 million full-length tracks available to listen to.

With SoundClick, you can browse through the music charts and genres until you find a feee music download you’d like to have and then either listen to or download that song. This includes signed and unsigned musicians. Their music is either offered via streaming audio, MP3 downloads, or purchases from SoundClick’s store.

Not all the tracks at SoundClick music store are free, but there are still a staggering amount of free songs and albums that can be downloaded. You can create custom radio stations, get to know other listeners on the forums, or read more about your favorite SoundClick artists.

SoundClick also provides a selection of radio stations and free music videos too. While you can, of course, download fee music from SoundClick, some artists make their music available only after you’ve paid for the download, and others allow streaming only.

Don’t forget, you can often save audio streams from the internet web for listening later via the Analog Hole.

3. NoiseTrade

Another legal way to download thousands of free music albums is from NoiseTrade, and they’re all completely genuine to take. The artists want you to check out their creations and if you like it and are included to do so, you can tip them or help promote them to your friends.

For that, you’ll need to enter your email address and zip code for each album you want to download and then you’ll get to download the album as a ZIP file which contains the MP3 files.

You c easily find new albums you want to download by viewing the top downloads and new and notable sections of the homepage.

NosieTrade also offers free ebook and audiobook downloads for authors who would really like to see and earn your tip.

4. PureVolume

Free Music Downloads site

PureVolume is another music discovery website, is smart and user-friendly site that contains free music for thousands of independent artists. That gives the artists on the site the option of offering free music downloads of their songs.

View the free music downloads at PureVolume by top songs, top downloads, featured songs, artists, and the most popular or newest albums. With a search tool also made available for your convenience which gives you the ability to browse by genre or artist if you prefer.

There’s a charts system as well that shows up what’s popular and regularly features specific artists. Not all songs can be downloaded, but there are still plenty in the bucket to choose from using this free music service.

You can download free songs from PureVolume in the MP3 format right away without having to create an account, personally.

5. Amazon

At this e-commerce website, there are thousands of free music downloads, as making it one of my favorite websites to visit online when I’m looking for new music to download legally.

Download Free Music From Amazon

Where you can see all the free music downloads by clicking on a genre or sorting by popularity, release date, length of the song, reviews, or in alphabetical order by title, artist, or album.

One opportunity you’ll be getting is that. You can play the songs before downloading them, but when you’re ready to save the songs to your computer, click on the Free button to add it to your chart. Then, you can checkout as if you were purchasing something by clicking Place your order. You’ll then be taken to a link to download the free music. That’s the wanted trick here.

These are 5 places you can get Free Music Downloads Legally

6. BeSonic

Free and legal music downloads site

Once you have registered for free with BeSonic, you’ll then be able to gain access to thousands and thousands of songs to download or listen to via streaming video.

As with most music websites, there is a search tool to discover music which you can use to quickly find the free and legal ones that interests you.

BeSonic also has music charts so you can immediately see what’s popular in your chosen genre.

7. Free Music Archive

The easiest way to find music you’d like to download at Free Music Archive is to browse through the genres of music or watch their official blog for collections, artists, or songs they’ll highlight.

You can also download free music at Free Music Archive, which is directed by the freeform radio station WFMU. They also have top charts for all time, this week, and, this month. The music here is free for you all to legally download (even without an account) and is a mix up of public domain and Creative Commons licenses.

If you already created a free account at Free Music Archive you’ll be able to make your own collections and interact with other listeners.

8. Audio Archive

Archive for free music downloads

Audio Archive is an audio and MP3 library that hosts over 2 million free digital audio files.

A range of different subjects is available from these folks, including news and public affairs, radio shows, book and poetry readings and live music recordings.


Legal and free music downloads site has a plethora of pages filled with free music downloads that fall into all genres. You can browse these free downloads by category, new releases, coming soon, or simply looking through the whole list.

Just one click will download your chosen song.

Besides free music downloads, you can also stream thousands of songs and get recommendations of bands you’ll love.

10. ARTISTdirect

Get music downloads legally for free

ARTISTdirect is another digital media entertainment company that offers music streaming and free downloads.

Not all the music at the ARTISTdirect website is free. But nevertheless, the above link shows lists several pages in length where you can download free music. Some of the music genres you can find at ARTISTdirect is indie rock, country, pop, and blues.

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