Updated Wi-Fi Assist In iOS 9.3 Shows Exact Data Usage – Get Details Here

With the introduction of the first Apple’s iOS 9.3 beta to registered developers and testers a couple of days ago and the company seems to be more keen to progress iOS at features and functionality level despite the fact that iOS 10 will be seeded in its first form in the upcoming months – purportedly June at WWDC 2016 keynote. The iOS 9.3 could be a major update to its Core, which focus on larger feature-rich additions to the platform, such as the Night Shift, alongside smaller and plenty of extremely useful additions. One of such tweak comes in the form of an Wi-Fi Assist update, feature that now shows up actual usage of data when called into action.

Apple has indeed made changes to Wi-Fi Assist and rolled out with iOS 9.3 beta 1 that let users exactly check out how much data the feature has utilized as part of its services. The Wi-Fi Assist option has also been updated in iOS 9.3 to betterly include a small lebel underneath the main header to showcase an approximate amount of data that has been eaten through in MBs.

The service which we are speking works exactly as it did previously by eventually falling back to cellular data if turned on. Where Apple now tracks that partcular data usage seperately to ensure that users can stay informed as to exactly how much data is being used.

No doubt that this Wi-Fi Assit feature has proven to be somewhat contentious iOS inclusion for Apple and that it adds value to the platform by allowing iOS system to automatically fall back to a cellular data connection when a stable wireless network isn’t near or available. Consern with those who don’t fully grab it and has been detrimental to their Cellular data plans by suing up extra data.

About Wi-Fi Assist, Apple has been showing its fair intent on taking on the concerns while maintaining the vailidity and importance of the damm feature. Individuals who expressed derision with the feature, led Apple to publish a support document outlining exactly how it works and what actually users can expect from it.

(Via: MacRumors)

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