Want Extra 128GB Storage On Your iPhone 6s Plus Optional Battery Life, Here’s SanDisk’s ‘iXpand Memory Case’

Owners of Apple’s last year’s iPhone 6 and current rocker iPhone 6s have a good news now. In this case today we are talking about bringing some more storage space and battery power into the minimal handset. SanDisk recently announced a new line of case covers for both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, aiming to give users expanded storage capabilities without needing to upgrade their iPhone model to a hefty price. Called the iXpand Memory Case and made it available in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. It’s you choice to grab from.


Although SanDisk’s new range of iPhone cases ensure durable protection for Apple’s smartphone while adding to the phone’s base storage capacity via the Lightning port. With the free iXpand Memory Case app [iTunes link], users can set their camera roll to automatically back up to the accessory’s storage in order to avoid running into a situation where an excess of photos and media files prevents them from capturing any more contend.


Said that, the app also gets a password protection that protects any media content saved within the iXpand Memory case. Naturally, can also be migrated to and from SanDisk’s SecureAccess desktop software for Windows and Max OS X.

The iXpand Case App is the companion to your iXpand Case allowing you to access and manage your content stored on your case. Get quick access to view your photos and play your, videos, music and access other files, with easy sorting options. The app automatically organizes and arranges all the content into photos, videos, music – so that you do not have to worry about it.

Easily save videos and photos, play videos and music directly from the memory case, create playlists of your favorite music, and manage the optional add-on battery pack. You can even setup automatic transfer of all your photos and videos directly to the case.


The SanDisk’s iXpand Memory Case is also functionally expandable with the 1900mAh battery cell accessory. The company says it can double the battery life of an iPhone. The pack is automatic and doesn’t require any seperate manual start since it can “detect when your phone’s battery runs low, and kicks in to charge it.”

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that SanDisk has begun selling the iXpand Memory Case on Amazon in its three different memory configurations: 32GB for $59.99, 64GB at $99.99, and the whooping 128GB costs $129.99 respectively. Each case for both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s is also available in four colors: Blue, Grey, Red, and Teal.

Make a note of this: The battery pack accessory has no specified release date, but anyone interested in pre-ordering it today.

Buy: SanDisk External Battery Pack for iXpand Memory Case from Amazon: $39.99

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