What’s New In iOS 11 Beta 4? Release Notes, Features & Changes

Apple has officially released iOS 11 Beta 4 to compatible iPhone and iPad users registered with Apple Developer Program, also bringing in with it several changes and new features alongside. That means developers will be in touch with the updates, notifications on their devices all over the globe, which is going through the process of installing beta 4, and getting to grips with everything, including changelog, improvements, and refinements brought by Apple’s engineers.

Release Notes

First of all, it’s an opportunity to look at the official release notes – or changes – which accompany the release, and to get to grips with an understanding of what still needs work or what is still currently broken in the platform.

This is the fourth pre-release seed of iOS 11 beta, the first and second developer betas always brings joy to iPhones and iPads receiving the update, while the third and the current beta 4 on where developers and public testers can really start to see the platform taking shape as part of its journey into the hands of the public.

One of the primary reasons for the fast paced development from here is the fact that the iOS 11 beta has now been opened up to the public, meaning a much bigger pool of testers dipping into the platform and feeding bugs and issues back to Apple. Those bug reports mean that Apple can then cleverly assign time and engineering resources to actually fixing the larger issues and pushing out new pre-release seeds that reflect those changes.

Part of which specifically for developers – the overall excitement – is actually seeing those release notes and seeing exactly what has been fixed and what is classified under Apple’s “known issues” list, which directly means “things that are still broken in this version.”

Nevertheless, iOS 11 brings new features like drag-and-drop and a redesigned multitasking interface for iPad, a new customizable Control Center, and much more. Previous iOS 11 beta introduced refinements to Notification Center, changes to multitasking on iPad, new TV Provider placeholder listings, and other major tweaks.

As we approach the final release of iOS 11 this fall, we expect more refreshments ahead of the last few beta versions. Here are the changes discovered in the latest iOS 11 beta 4:

What’s new:

  • New icons for Notes, Contacts, and Reminders
  • New splash page for Photos detailing Live Photos Effects and Editing and New Memories features
  • New ‘Touch ID to open [app]’ message when tapping notifications
  • Swipe right to open, swipe left to view/clear
  • New splash page for Notes
  • New countdown UI for screen recording
  • Low Power Mode toggle animation in Control Center
  • AirDrop setting under General

The official “Notes and Known Issues” from Apple for developer beta 4 seed is included below for reference, but, be warned, it can actually get quite complex and be a little disheartening if you read the entire thing.


– New icons for some of the stock Apple apps!
– Notifications on Lock screen and Notification Center lets you swipe them to dismiss like older versions of iOS.

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