Apple Should Seriously Consider This iOS 10 Concept Features [Video]

We have got nothing on when the next-generation of Apple’s mobile OS will be released, and got no idea on iOS 10 beta seeds as well, but the annual developer’s conference is expected to tee off a little more than a month from now and one of the main attractions of said event, the new version of operating system for mobiles, has managed to remain under wraps mysteriously. The September-bound iPhone 7 launch may already have countless speculations to its name, but at the same time, rumors for “iOS 10”, as it’s being called, are few and far between.

That hasn’t stopped the next major iOS update from staying newsworthy, with a few concepts popping up around the web, offering a great collection of possibilities for the Apple’s future platform.


Designers have already played a big role with the idea of a 3D Touch-enabled Control Center, explored the often-visited realm of Home screen widgets, and subjected iOS to all manner of design changes. Today, we have come in front of a new iOS 10 concept that envisions changes to multiple areas, taking inspiration from rumors and, it seems, recent iPad-exclusive features introduced with iOS 9.3.

This concept is wrapped into a neatly-edited YouTube video that starts with a smarter Camera app capable of reading barcodes, displaying the underlying info, and of course, allowing it to be saved or shared. Next to that, is the oft-requested ability to uninstall and restore native apps, added security in the Settings app to prevent unauthorized or unwanted changes, a redesigned Music app with a customizable “quick reach” menu, and the nifty 3D Toucvh-driven speed dial feature in the Phone app.


The iPad-exclusive feature that follow are no less interesting, with resizable, movable app windows making an appearance side by a feature that allows iPhone-only apps to be used within the smaller frames instead of being upscaled. The fully customizable Control Center with multiple user accounts feature be the highlight that coming in a close second, though we hope the former isn’t restricted to the iPad as it is here.


From here you can watch the concept video below. Apple Watch enthusiasts might also want to continue watching to the bonus watchOS 3 section at the end that shows off third-party Apple Watch faces and a “hybrid pairing” feature.

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(Source: Ralph Theodory [YouTube]) (Via: RedmondPie)

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