iPhone 7 Concept: If Apple Made A Flip Phone, Then It Looks Like This “Garakei” [Images]

What if Apple moved away from its actual traditional iPhone design and attempted to bring back the old-schoold clamshell design that used to be so popular with feature phone? Apple is such company that would change the concept of the next iPhone to get into the top position of the smartphone market, even flip this way either. Martin Hajek, a designer with a passion for “visualizing the future in 3D“, has taken on what he describes as a “fun” side project to imagine what an Apple flip phone would look like if Jony Ive was tasked with bringing an Apple branded clamshell to the market. Detailed story continiues after the jump to see the designer’s insane, but strangly beautiful flip iPhone concept.

Flip phones were hugely popular long ago and LG Electronics has recently introduced its own clamshell hardware for their native home land. Think Samsung E700 feature phone or the unbelievably thin Motorola Razr that everyone seemed to own at one point intheir life. Additionally, this particular concept is imagined from the prespective that Apple would be creating a “garakei” device specifically for the land of the rising sun. Hajek points points out, this type of design is well well known in Japan where it still remains extremely popular despite more of the Japanese public adopting the iPhone as we know it.

First of all the clamshell Apple smartphone would be available in gold, space gray and the newly introduced, rose gold. Color variations are just a given when any new Apple device is released. The bottom corner of the flip device would also feature a lanyard detail to allow the device to be hung and worn around the neck of the owner.


This particular concept seems to be a visual one only, could spawn a whole new accessory market for Apple branded lanyards and doesn’t actually come with any proposed technical specs but it does look like it would slip with a custom version of iOS, tailored for the Japanese consumers.


The device shown in three presumably multi-touch display. One on the outside of the device that immediately alerts users to incoming notifications; calls, text messages, emails, Facebook likes etc. Internally, the clamshell would have an input screen which would display the virtual keyboard, picker views and any other imput mechanism that the OS presents. Top their would be the main diplay which shows context and detail such as messaging and email conversations, and where apps would be displayed.


Check out the best renders and see for yourself. Is the Apple “garakei” something you’d like to see as a reality? i, Phone 7 flip?


(Source: Martin Hajek) (Via RedmondPie)

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