This Is What iPhone 7 Plus Will Look Like Running iOS 10

Concepts, case designs, drawings, blueprints and schematics and renders for the upcoming “iPhone 7” and “iPhone 7 Plus” have been allegedly emerging online for several months now, with most agreeing that the 2016 flagship smartphone will adopt the same design language of the iPhone 6s. Today’s report also purportedly suggesting that Apple won’t be allowing to introduce its new iPhone with a dual-lens camera module. The company is still expected to introduce a few new exclusive features on this year’s iPhone, possibly including Smart Connector, redesigned antenna bands, and no 3.5mm headphone jack. Nevertheless, introduced iOS 10 already.

Currently, we have a fairly good idea of what’s going to come when the officially feasting media event finally arrives. The majority of leaks may vary in one small detail or another, but they are all seem to agree that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be largely similar to the design of last year’s iPhone and of course the current iPhone 6s model. Designer Mathijis Schrauwen has taken all of those rumors and produced a concept design iPhone 7 which is running Apple’s latest version iOS 10 firmware.


Before we go talk about some of these additions, mainly the dual-lens camera – are rumored to be solely found on the iPhone 7 Plus, while the existence of others are still debated as we move closer to September-bound unveil. With today’s iPhone 7 rendering, alongside the newest information coming out of WWDC regarding the future-packed additions of iOS 10.

The designs of iPhone 7 show off the expected dual-lens camera system, housed inside a small pill-shaped enclosure along with a horizontally aligned flash. The back portion also honors the rumor that Apple will realign the antennae bands from the current design, which apparently cut across the rear of the iPhone. However, the designer when for Space Gray look, contrasting recent, questionable rumors that Apple might ditch the color in favor of a kind of “Deep Blue“.

If you have a closer look at the iPhone 7 design to that end, the rear of the device is no longer broken up with the two antenna bands that currently run across the back of the iPhone, instead being replaced by bands that follow the contours of the hardware at the top and bottom.

The renders show this dual-lens camera embedded within the aperture on the rear of the gadget, still showing up the same top-left location, aligned with LED flash for low-light conditions, and what appears to be an additional mic. Underneath that camera is, the iconic Apple logo that appears on every iPhone.

In this instance, these are intended to show his belief that the iPhone 7 Plus will come with the ability to connect a new breed of accessories available, it’s generally accepted that the Connector will only be available on the larger iPhone 7 model. Thanks to iOS’s nixing of the “Slide to Unlock” feature, placing more emphasis on Touch ID than ever before. Schreuawen also includes a touch-sensitive Home Button in this renderings. Believed that the iPhone 7 could possibly be the first iPhone model without a physical home button.

Apart from these interesting insights into what a new generation iPhone might possibly look like running iOS 10. The designer depicts screens running apps like Watch and Messages, and performing basic duties in the new widgets view. Instead of a downward swipe to access widgets in Notification Center, iOS 10 places them on the left-most screen of both the Lock Screen and Home screen.

Check out the concept for yourself. Don’t miss this, the coolest thing we can get right now on what will iPhone 7 Plus look like running iOS 10.

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