WHOA! 10th Anniversary ‘iPhone 8’ Concept With Curved Display, Ceramic Body Reveals More [Video]


It was rumored that this year’s Apple’s new smartphone product makes everyone mesmerize with reconstructed design and exited about what the company could bring to the table with the new iPhone. Albeit slightly premature considering that the iPhone 7 has only been on sale for a matter of months, it’s hard not to be excited about what Apple could potentially introduce based on early predictions.

Until anything comes out, however, we won’t know what actually in the case, but we can appease our curiosity with this new stunning “10th Anniversary iPhone’ concept.

What originally believed is that if Apple will actually go with the ‘iPhone 8’ naming convention are not with this year’s iPhone, and this particular concept design has many of that exactly, suggesting that the hardware could be marketed and sold as the “10th Anniversary iPhone“, making reference to the fact that it was ten years ago when Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone to the world of smartphone-fans.

Here comes the ConceptsiPhone team, created and published this mockup, is also looking to the past in order to complement future technology by using ceramic to manufacture the chassis.

That device itself built around a 5.8-inch curved OLED display which stretches from edge-to-edge in a similar fashion to how Samsung’s Galaxy ‘Edge’ models are built. Taking cues from Samsung’s edge architecture, the screen isn’t as pronounced as the Korean’s, but still looks stunning embedded in the zircon ceramic outer shell. About the body, the designer believes that choosing ceramic allows the device to be highly durable and of course, lightweight, which otherwise allows for the transference of electronic waves between devices without any outside interference. Speaking of the material used is also heat-resistant which should hopefully remove any uncomfortable holding experience during CPU intensive runs.


On main conversation points about Apple’s next-generation iPhone is whether or not the company will do away with the standard Home / Touch ID button as we know it, and build a system that embeds the button and its Touch ID sensor into the bezel-less display. Being a concept, the designer doesn’t need to concern himself with technology and what exactly possible, or easy to achieve, and had although introduced a capacitive Home button with integrated Touch ID. There’s also the Smart Connector integration from iPad Pro, which eventually lets wireless charging active as well, or at least the impression of it when placed upon the concept Smart Dock.

Detailed in this concept and its feature in the video embedded here. Let us know what you think about it in the usual channels. If this was representative of this year’s iPhone 8, would you be anticipated?

(Source: ConceptsiPhone [YouTube])

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