Apple May Use A Wraparound OLED Display For Larger 5.8-inch iPhone In 2017

What is interesting, albiet extremely speculative is that the suggestions about the future of Apple’s iPhone over the last couple of weeks. Just yesterday it gave us a glimpse of a larger 5.8-inch iPhone 7s model screen to be adopted by curved OLED display technology and not the first to speak so. A number of well-placed and highly respected analysts have all agreed that Apple has internally made the decision to move across to using and bringing OLED iPhone in the future. One of the latest rumors have also suggested that the company going beyond the current sizing specifications of the iPhone 6s Plus.

With today’s suggestion expands on that by speculating 5.8-inch device by Apple could also be looking to implement a display that wraps around the sides of the iPhone. Edge-type or a whole?

However, it’s not for the first time it has been speculated that Apple could introduce a device with a curved wraparound display. Where already privy to an Apple patent filing that set the scene for the rumors that we are currently hearing about. Described an Apple “electronic device with a wrapped display“. That patent filing itself doesn’t point the pegeon hole the technology into a smartphone type product, though, it does seem extremely likely that some type of curved display will be on Apple’s future roadmap. Along the way with the likely move across to OLED display that allow for the production of flexible screens, it’s hard not to fall under the spell of a larger iPhone with a curved screen.

Smartphones in the market already contains extremely power and stunning hardware aesthetics that come with a very unique display implementation, for example, such as Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge. Highly likely that Apple would go down the rooute of producing an iPhone that contains what is essentially a corban copy of that display setup. New report suggests that Apple may be intended on producing a device with “folded edge side screens” which would make a use of a flexible OLED display and there’s very high possibility of Apple utilizing an additional patent filed in 2011 or in 2013 that could eventually see an iPhone introduced with “sidewall displays”.

In this case for moving across to OLED display from the current LCD panels used in iPhones currently defines itself. Organic LCD panels are much more efficient than that of panels used right now on the iPhone and iPad, and it also delivers a highly improved visual experience when interacting with media content. Patent filings are somewhat not been a great way of predicting what actually coming from Apple’s products perspective. But there’s a good chance we could be welcoming a larger iPhone with a curved display into our lives in the next year or so.

(via: MacRumors | image credit: T3 iPhone 6 concept)

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