Best iPhone 7 Concept On Video Shows Virtual Home Button, iOS 10 With Home Screen Widgets, More

In action just ahead of the actual launch of the next iPhone being announced, still got a good 7 months or so away from the big unveil. Assuming Apple sticks with the tried and tested schedule that it has been doing for some time now. No reason there this year will be any different launching iPhone 7, eight months later.

Now that how much iPhone 7 reports already appearing are accurate, whether its coming through leaks or unusual display parts. If youy really believe the leaks, then take a look at fan-made concept art. With the new iPhone 7 concept landed on YouTube channel uploaded by iPhone-Tricks is very much catching out attention.


Interested in the software rather than the hardware, then this. True concept of iPhone 7 definitely showing up some pretty impressive edge-to-edge display action going on with the Home button integrated into the screen as per particular rumor, similar to a previous iPhone 7 notion. What exactly the version of iOS 10 makes sense in this iPhone 7 concept is that it has a reason made us interesting. With icons that turn into widgets when touched, a Dock which can be resized to allow for more app icons and also a swiping gesture settled there for new Home buuton, allowing users to go back instaed of reaching to the top-left of the expanding home screen ever all the time. The iOS 10 vision could offer hits just the right notes for us.

While its being just one iPhone-fans imagination bringing to the table in the form of an iPhone 7 concept, and we doubt that Apple will be doing even a fraction of what this art work highlights, but nevertheless with WWDC 2016 not too far away now – it’s potentially closer than iPhone 7 launch – we shouldn’t be waiting too long before we see what iOS 10 is capable of in all its glory.

Watch this one of the best iPhone 7 concept in action video embedded below.

(Source: iPhone-Tricks [YouTube])

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