How Crazy This iPhone 7 Concept With A Flexible, Widescreen Display Is In [Video]

Concepts of what new smartphones design will look like are nothing new. But the designers all around have been creating insane concepts for a long, long time, and few things have in fact been subject of quite so many attempts of guesswork as the iPhone. 7 months more to go before the next iPhone is expected to be announced, the new concept bandwagon is rolling along just fine.

For that! Take this new iPhone 7 concept by Sonitdac as a prime example. Uploaded in a YouTube video channel featuring almost 90 seconds clip. It may actually be more suited to the iPhone 10 given its outlandish features. It’s very safe to say the iPhone 7 won’t be getting anything like this video predicts, but nevertheless, the device doesn’t make it any less interesting, though.

iPhone-7-widescreen-concept-2The Sonitdac iPhone 7 concept featured an expanding widescreen display that opens out, making the screen considerably larger than it may first appear. Focuses more like a large screen tablet concept than a smartphone, the result would look for quite an interesting iOS user experience, and this isn’t the damm real hardware, we can only imagine the problems such as larger screen could pose for developers and designers alike.

Sontidacā€™s iPhone 7 concept features a flexible widescreen display expanded and collapse by carbon fiber arms

When discussed about the video and the features this concept puts upfront, we admit the best thing to do here is just sit back and enjoy watching the magic, quite literally, unfold. Although we are not accepting to be coming anything closer to what the original iPhone 7 will be like and it’s unlikely we’re going to ever see an iPhone of this kind.

Worthy enough? Simply!


Check the video out for yourselves and express your Reactions here. Would you go for something like this?

(Source: SonitdacĀ [YouTube])

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