Apple’s App Store Web Interface Revamped With New iOS-Like Modern Design

Apple has today rolled out a major redesign for the iOS App Store web interface in a move that has been overdue. The new overhaul of the App Store web interface gives it a refreshed look that more closely mimics that of the App Store found on iOS 11-equipped iPhones.

Nevertheless, the new design takes cues from the all-new App Store in iOS 11, which offers larger images, a focus on curation and reviews, and much more. And the new interface is modern enough that the traditional iTunes-inspired look of the previous web pages. On the new webpage, you’ll see a larger app heading, preceded by “This app is only available in the App Store for iOS devices.”

For more, currently, the App Store on the web does not allow for anything new such as the ability remotely install apps. It does provide a landing page that indeed allows web users to view apps when they are not using devices that have the App Store installed. Otherwise, that makes it possible to read about an iOS app when on a Mac, for example, something that would not be possible if it was not for the web interface.

Beneath that heading is screenshots, the app description, update information, reviews, and specific details such as app size, device compatibility, and others.

Important to note is the fact that the collection of screenshots used by Apple are the iPhone X design. As part of today’s redesign, Apple is showcasing app screenshots from the iPhone X, complete with rounded corners. Previously, the web interface used the old squared UI of screenshots from older iPhone devices, a change that adds to the fresh and modern aesthetic.

In the case of screenshots from apps that are not optimized for iPhone X, Apple still shows the older images.

Furthermore, the redesigned web interface comes following Apple’s decision to remove the App Store from the iTunes desktop application. The redesign follows a change to the way the App Store looks and behaves that was brought along by the release of iOS 11 for the iPhone and iPad with iTunes 12.7 back in September. Apple dramatically simplified the content offerings in iTunes, removing things such as Books, the App Store, and iTunes U.

Apple Revamps iOS and macOS App Store Web Interface

However, the more modern, card-based interface is better suited to the overall aesthetic of iOS 11, and with the same design moving to the web we can now enjoy it on any computer we choose to use. Notably, Apple rolled out a similar design for Apple Music on the web last year. Now, both the Apple Music and App Store web interfaces will be familiar to anyone who has used their iOS counterparts.

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