iPhone 5se Design Leaked In Schematics Reveals iPhone 5s-Like With Slightly Curved Edges

We’re nearing to Apple’s official unveiling of the highly-anticipated iPhone 5se, rumored 4-inch device expected to be announce during March media event. An that isn’t all, which we are eagerly waiting for, as the new leaks tipped what the new 4″ iPhone could have a similarity to the iPhone 5s, especially in terms of screen size, could take some inspiration from the curved aesthetic of the iPhone 6 series. In order to get an idea on its design, we have come in front of several leaks and conflicting design rumors that suggest the unknown. Now, a new set of design schematics have surfaced, claiming that the design of the new iPhone could somewhat be identical to that of the iPhone 5s released in 2011.

If you believe what the schematics privide us with an accurate reflection with the iPhone 5se, then it looks as though the smartphone could evidently share what are essentially the same dimensions as the 5s. As 9to5Mac hints, at what the iPhone 5se would measure in at approximately 123.8mm tall, 58.6mm wide, and have a thickness of 7.6mm.

All the important hardware elements of the said device also look to be positioned in the exact same locations as previous Apple’s 4-inch offering, barring the Lock/Power button, seems to be relocated to the right this time, just like how the iPhone 6 carries.


A handful of photos from a case manufacturer appears to show off what the original iPhone 5se wil actually look. Stll has familiarity with the positioning of the Home button, volume buttons the camera module and assiciated LED flash, as well as the speaker grills, Lightning port, and a 3.5mm headphone jack on the underside of the purported 2016’s 4-inch device. Sources related to situation also suggest that the phone will have a slightly curved flass towards the edges, but not as curved as rge iPhone 6 and 6s.


Additionally, a set of schematics released by the popular @OnLeaks also shows a similarly looking design followed by the same measurements as reported by another source above, nevertheless, goes on to suggest that Apple currently has two prototypes in testing with the Lock/Power button retaining its original position on top like the iPhone 5s. Design drawings also reveals a protruding camera module on the rear of the 4-inch device with a pill-shaped flash with the 5s. There are still several conflicting opinions on this point, but all sources seem to give on the overall look and aesthetic of the hardware.


Expected to use its rumored Apple’s March media event to reveal the whole new iPhone model. Likely be offered in the same color combinations as its current flagship iPhone 6s, as well as a new pink color option, included.

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