Bezel-Less iPhone 7 Concept Runs iOS 10 On-board [Video]

Beyond the attention of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus release, there is another one in scene, and that is iPhone 7. What exactly it will be offering once released next year. Design of the iPhone 7 concepts make sense of impressive innards and guess what, goes on sale in September of 2016, if and if Apple sticks to its tried and tested release schedule, then the new ‘I’ phone is around ten months away.

Makers of concept designs at DeepMind has evidently put together a full-screen nifty video showing the next-gen Apple handset, running a future version of iOS, optimized for a bezel-free iPhone 7. When Apple does take the wraps off of the new iPhone next year, we expect the layout to be something all-new, but just how different it will be to the iPhones on sale currently remains to be lookout.


Another designer called ConceptsiPhones never stops putting their own ideas of what the iPhone 7 will look like out into the open field, and are even though put together a YouTube video detailing what they think Apple has up its sleeves.

The concept of iPhone 7 looks gorgeous, and if Apple is indeed going to do away with the bezel that currently frames an iPhone’s screen, the we hope it looks as good as this does. Hoping that Apple will come up with a new way to rid the phone’s face of that home button, but until then, we’ll settle for a awesome screen and a new, redesigned chassis. Although, this concept does show us the display extending under the physical Home button, but not sure if that’s be possible in reality, especially if Apple opts to keep its Touch ID sensor tethered to it. With the flat edges of whaich go very well with the bezel-less body indeed.


Concepts are somewhat like your imaginations and may end up looking obsolutely nothing like iPhone 7, but mean it. Glimpse of what the iPhone’s future may be like this? It was also said that: iPhone 7 Might Come With Apple Watch-Like OLED Display.

Check out the embedded video out right now.

(Source: YouTube)

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