iPhone 7 Concept Video Visualize Wireless Charging, Sapphire Glass With QHD Display

Here comes the actual envisions of what the next brand new iPhone concept doing the rounds, and the latest comes courtesy of designers Ivo Maric and Tomislav Rastovac who have shown us what the iPhone 7 may look like, all taking the inspiration from both the already outed smartphones.


With the iPhone 6s expected to arrive in Apple Stores some time in September, the current leaks and photographs of parts has the next iPhone posing ary similar like the iPhone 6 that is currently on sale. Now that with this newer concept in scene points that should see an all-new iPhone hit the market next year, and one that will see Apple come up with a new industrial design to boot. This concept shows what Apple could bring to market with that phone next year, which it’s largely guesswork. Still, it doesn’t make it any less fun to speculate.

A new beautiful iPhone 7 concept here takes inspiration from both the iPhone 4 and Galaxy S6. The hardware that this concept puts forth looks more like an iPhone 5s than an iPhone 6 in the way it looks around the edges. The iPhone 6’s slightly curved edges remain however, and the resulting concept looks absolutely gorgeous. Internally, this concept makes provisions for wireless charging, an A10 processor and a sapphire glass with Quad HD display that would make your eyes bleed. Of course there’s no mention of a Touch-ID sensor being built into the screen, but looks awesome.

Interestingly, the video preserves the iPhone’s iconic home button, which is a feature that recent rumors have claimed Apple is working to dump for the iPhone 7. With 16MP camera and the placement of the fingerprint scanner within hme button presents some real design chalenges for Apple. Don’t be shocked if the company kept the home button for the iPhone 7.

The concept video is lovely, though it’s worth noting that that’s is eaxtly what it is and there is little to suggest any of these features or design will make it onto Apple’s iPhone 7. Concept is imagination, and in my thoughts the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s are two of the best looking iPhones to date.

(source: YouTube)

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