iPhone 7 Dual Camera Setup Plus Optical Zoom Feature Predicted

According to a well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities once again comes with a new claim regarding the Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7. Next-generation iPhone is likely be heading towards the digital shelves this coming September/October, and far been exposed to have a design overhaul as part of its appeal. Now that both the analyst sources suggesting the device is likely to ship with a dual-camera system, option that utilizes the LinX Imaging camera technology that Apple acquired as part of the company’s property last year.

Prediction by analysts ties in nicely with last year’s acquisition of LinX Imaging, but also with the appeared Apple patent discovered a future iOS device could ship with a dual-camera style setup. It was although speculated over the last few months about the benefits that would be provided by company like Apple choose to integrate a dual-camera system into a popular smartphone like the iPhone. How? The existence of a second lens might allow the hardware to capture significantly more image data as part of each shot, in return it would enable vastly improved photographs in terms of quiality and the fact.

Suggesting that the iPhone is “likely” to ship with such dual-camera option, KGI Securities also expecting Apple to enable an enhanced optical zoom option that could apparently offer 2-3x magnification. Interesting part here is that, the source believes that the iPhone 7 will not only offer superior photography improvements as one of its main selling point, but those will actually be device specific and a consumer choosing an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Dual-camera with optical zoom implementation comes to fruition then it’s likely that it will only be the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus that ships with the predicted dual-cam gadget and associated features.

Challenges that Apple will face in the future would be how it goes with the equation of actually producing elegant, user-friendly external aesthetic that manages to seamlessly blend the two camera lenses into the design. Two individual lenses would be used to capture idependent photos of a particular scene before being interweaved together using the advanced LinX Imaging algorithms to form a high-quality photograph. Time will tell if a dual-camera implementation will combat the fears of analysts who are currently suggesting that Apple and its next iPhones are on a downwards curve.

What else do anyone needs from Apple with the launch of an hardware that is capable of capturing photographs using its dual-camera lenses with 3x Optical zoom implementation, apart from high-end architecture. Only months left behind and rumors will predict more about the iPhone 7 Plus its variants, soon. Hope so!

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