Is This What The iPhone 8 White Variant Might Look Like

Here’s a new conceptual renders of Apple’s unannounced iPhone 8 show what the white version of the smartphone might look like.

Everything released so far are somewhat iPhone 8 concepts and some kind of imaginations that iPhone fanatics have created. Apple’s iPhone 8 has not been announced yet, but that is unlikely to change between now and September (Fall), rather, it’s not stopping the device from hogging so many news cycles that it is easy to forget that there are indeed other things going on in the world of technology.

With leaks allegedly turning up left and right, information regarding what the iPhone 8 will look like and what it will be capable of have been circulating for a long time go now, there’s one thing that we all have noticed – these leaks all appear to pertain to the black iPhone 8. What about the white model?

Coming to the point. Well, designer Martin Hajek wondered exactly the same thing, and with a good history record in putting together concepts based on existing rumors for previous Apple devices, he has already set his place on top, doing exactly that for the iPhone 8 as well. The result is a set of renders that show both the black and white iPhone 8 handsets in all their glory, complete with iOS 11 running on their AMOLED displays.

The white model looks exactly like you would expect it to, with stainless steel edges to the white metal body. The black variant does appear to have one big thing to win over the white one though, and that is in the fact that the gap at the top of the display where the camera system and sensors are housed almost disappears into the AMOLED screen on the black model. On the white, all is much more conspicuous, and we can safely say we do not like it one bit. With the said before, we’ll continue to say it again – give us a white iPhone but with a black front panel please, Apple!

Behind the scenes, every single design elements are present in these renders. The displays are almost bezel-free, there’s no physical Home button and also, there is no fingerprint sensor around the rear of the device, meaning that it will be embedded right into the display.

The renders do confirm what we already imagined, though – the iPhone 8 will be a very good looking smartphone this year, assuming everything turns out the way it has been leaked and speculated. Stay tuned for more details, soon!

(Source: Martin Hajek)

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