iPhone 8 Dummy Model Make Sense, Updated Schematics & Renders Leak Online [Details]

A series of purported new images surfaced revealing a CNC dummy unit of Apple’s next-generation iPhone – uploaded into Twitter by one source. There’s no real agreement from the official, analyst or insiders at the moment on this exact design of the so-called iPhone 8. Dummy unit apparently suggest new hardware complete with an edge-to-edge display embedded on a steel frame with almost no bezel around the panel, or Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the back. Carry on reading the renders to get an idea on how would Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone may look prior to its launch in September.

iPhone 8 OLED Concept
As aforementioned, these images are definitely unverified at the time now, but clearly shows what is being called a “CNC model” made out of stainless steel and beautiful 2.5D glass. It immensely suggested that the iPhone 8’s stainless steel frame will be given a Space Black shade.

Previous speculations and rumors although pointed the front of the device which looks to feature an edge-to-edge display, presumably utilizing OLED technology, with no unique bezel in place. Interestingly, make sense if you flip the device over, there’s no included aperture or indication of any rear-mounted Touch ID sensor, meaning we can likely expect a virtual front-facing Home button with embedded Touch ID right beneath the display.

In fact, the display consumes the entire front of the device, though leaving no space for any bezel, also means that Apple will take that into action (important step) of removing the iconic physical Home button from the device, presuming this dummy unit is accurate, if it is.

When you look the images leaked or posted online actually show the rear of that unit extremely plain, as well as a panel with no included Apple logo, and a camera module which entirely looks to have been re-oriented into a vertical position rather than horizontal. This fits with past rumors about Apple’s decision of potential use of AR/VR within iPhone 8.

From a hardware button point there isn’t much out of the ordinary going on here. Looking at the device from the front, the volume up/down buttons, as well as the mute switch, are located on the left-hand side of the device. The Power Lock button and integrated SIM tray are in a familiar position on the right hand side but surprisingly, the Power / Lock button has been elongated.

In addition of the dummy unit images, we also have relatively detailed schematics, showing the actual positioning of certain internal components, including the A11 CPU, SIM card, Lightning connector, and the required internal parts to power the 3D Touch engine. More so the iPhone 8 will also come in at a 7.1mm thickness.

iPhone 8 Internals
This isn’t it, there’s more. To complement the schematic drawing and dummy model, here we got the renders of what the iPhone 8 could end up looking fair. As the leaker says “THIS IS IT. 2017 OLED iPhone”.

iPhone 8 Concept Renders
Believe it or not, it’s almost impossible to keep track of every single piece of info, and all suggestions made, about the possible design and specification of Apple’s iPhone 8. Also proclaiming to be in the knowledge, seem to have settled on the possibility of Apple introducing one of two potential designs.

If this dummy unit depicts the final version, then we can’t see too many people being upset about the worst experience.

(Source: @VenyaGeskin1 [Twitter], Top image: iPhone 8 running iOS 11 concept)

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