New Video Leak Apparently Shows iPhone 8 With Working Rear Touch ID

As far we have a very high level of confidence that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 will not include a Touch ID fingerint sensor. Before we go forward into the telling, we’ve to speak about iOS 11 leak that almost confirmed the iPhone 8 to have a massive change. Tow in a shot, here’s what we got for you to tackle with now.

There are numerous reports from reliable sources claiming that this will be the case study. That’s where it makes the new video which leaked on Tuesday morning so perplexing.

The newly leaked video was actually posted to Chinese microblogging site Weibo. It supposedly shows a factory worker in China visibly testing the Touch ID scanner on Apple’s unannounced new iPhone 8. The scanner on the phones shown in the video is clearly mounted on the back portion of the handsets, that’s not hidden anymore. In fact, the equipment shown clearly appears as though it is verifying that Touch ID is working properly.

In this video, the testing station is labeled “Mesa,” that’s indeed Apple’s codename for Touch ID. The equipment all appears to be real and functional, and it also appears to be verifying Touch ID functionality when the factory worker places his or her finger on a rear-mounted scanner.

Through the video description we come to see a vertically oriented dual rear cameras on the back of the handset. About it, some people thought that the video might show off the iPhone 7s Plus, but we’re expecting the same old design on that phone, too, so the rear camera setup should be configured just as they are on the curent iPhone 7 Plus.

Unfortunately, we really don’t have any conclusive answer as yet regarding this video. In our opinion, there’s no way that this is the iPhone 8. Again saying, the iPhone 8 doesn’t have a Touch ID sensor on the back or front either. If this factory testing knockoffs? Is this an old video that shows someone testing an early iPhone 8 prototype? We have got no idea, but the answer for this will be uncovered next month.

Another one leaks at this point. When the iPhone 8 launches this fall, it’ll be the first iOS device in Apple’s history to lack a physical Home button. The company is said to likely introduce a virtical button and new screen gestures to replicate the features of the physical button.

A fresh leak of iOS 11 firmware gives us a glimpse of some of the gestures Apple may have been working on. Discovered in the latest iOS 11 beta image. The two videos by developer Guilherme Rambo shows a few new gestures that are meant to reproduce the multitasking effect of the Home button.

Double tap on that of an iOS device right now, and it’ll bring up a scrollable list of apps that are currently open. If it’s an iPhone with 3D Touch enabled, and also running iOS 10, then you can long press along the left edge of the phone to obtain the same effect.

While these features are somewhat not going to find its place, available on the iPhone 8. There’s no Home button, and iOS 11 kills that aprticular 3D Touch gesture.

The video below reveals what multitasking looks like if paired with a swipe upwards from the botton of the screen:

Currently, swiping upwards will get you access to the Control Center. But Apple’s concept above detailed also gives access to the CC. It is available on the right side of the handset.

The second video Rambo found shows screen gestures on an unlocked iPhone, Swiping downwards pulls the lock screen cover. Swiping right after that gets you to nthe widget scree, swiping to the left – you get the Control Center. In iOS 11, only the left swiping gesture is different, as it brings up the Camera app.

It’s unclear whether we’re looking at discarded iOS 11 firmware or iPhone 8-only features. The videos were created in May. Apple did unveil iOS 11 in June, and then released in beta version. But the iOS 11 build that Apple showed to the world did not specify iPhone 8 features in it. As it’s the case.

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