iPhone 8: Next Year’s iPhone Rumored To Embed Touch ID Inside An Edge-To-Edge Display

Once again it has repeated and said a radical iPhone redesign in time for release of 2017’s model. Today the New York Times weighed in with its own corroboration that next year may be the best year to buy an iPhone.


Although iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices coming into the hands of already managed to pre-order last week, but attention still turning towards what Apple has up its sleeves for next year’s model.

The year 2017 will see the tenth birthday for the iPhone, and Apple is expected to deliver a handset that will wow big time.

According to the NYT, that wow-factor will come from an edge-to-edge display that essentially does away with bezels across the range. Apparently, the design also means that the current Touch ID/Home button set up will be redundant, with the bottom going altogether. Instead, a 3D-Touch may be, with the button itself embedded in the screen to allow for a small a group of screen bezels you’re likely to see for a while.

Apple is likely to continue making iPhones without headphone jacks, and next year’s iPhone will have a full-screen face with the virtual button built directly into the screen, according to two people at the company who spoke on condition of anonymity because the product details are private.



It is suspected that the move to a 3D Touch button rather than physical one in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is stepping stone towards removing the physical button completely. Should be that reason why in this case said, 2017 may well be the best year to buy an iPhone since the original.

However, Apple has filed a patent application in the system for, you guessed it, buttons embedded inside touch screens already.

(source: New York Times)

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