iPhone: Concept Video Imagines ‘iPhone 7’ With Sleek Design, iOS 9 With Gorilla Glass 4 Protection

No official word has been made by Apple as yet, but all the indications are suggesting that the likely unveiling of the next-gen iPhone will take place in less than a month. The two new devices, which are rumored and expected to be launched under the iPhone 6s banner, as supposedly all set for a mid-September launch. Still waiting for the final reveal, nevertheless we here got an iPhone 7 concept, which came from the designer Vuk Nemanja Zoraja – released a sleep notion vision of what he believes an official Apple smartphone could look like, but perhaps by next year impression.

Zoraja’s imagination has led him to create a concept that shows an iPhone that is slightly larger than the existing iPhone 6. The ‘iPhone 7’ idea is supposed to represent a continuation of the work that has been done officially by Apple and its design teams with the current iteration of iPhone 6. Aesthetically speaking the concept design isn’t that far off from something that we might see Apple produce in the near future – unlike other concepts. The body of the device would be expertly engineered from high-grade aluminum and Gorilla Glass 4 to give it a whole premium but highly rebust look and feel.


The designer behind this creation has never focused on frabricated internal specifications, rather choosen to focus entirely on the aesthetics and external appearance of the phone. The display itself shows the iPhone 7, a fairly sizeable 5-inches diognally. Additional improvements would come in the form of a completely redesigned camera module capable of 4K recording with an included Xenon Flash which would receive Apple’s own dual-LED offering.

The designer also imagines the iPhone being available in for different color optins; Space Gray, Silver, Gold and White, Gold and Black, and comes with a weired case of its own to add that extra protection to the screen, Gorilla Glass 4.


The concept of iPhone 7 running iOS 9 in its full glory in the video embedded below and see what you think? Check it out right away:

Could you imagine Apple producing something of this nature in the future? After all it’s an iPhone 7 concept. (Via: YouTube)

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