MacBook Selfie Stick: Craziest Thing That Will Make You Look Stupider Than You Imagined

Selfie stick plays a big role in your living and far beyond your expectations, like what today we are talking about, which refuse to die out, and using it with your iPhone or iPad is good and what’s crazy thing about it is, despite being banned from many of the world’s public venues, concert halls and museums, the MackBook selfie stick incorporates just how worryingly far we’ve come.

Two artists took that trend and made it even more dumbest. The MacBook selfie stick is the ultimate in vanity, combining both the whole unwieldiky piece of equipment with an extremely hefty piece of technology doing a job for which is has never, ever been intended. What you see in this is a selfie stick holding a MacBook, like what an iPad selfie stick does, to snap selfies. Theriotically, they aren’t available to purchase or put on sale either, and are actually part of an art project by Moises (Art404), John Yuyi and Tom Galle, taking inspiration from society’s obsession with vanity and all that.

It is what the future technology depends on your imagination, could be crazy enough, but the idea behind this MacBook selfie stick is insane, where the artists who have decided to reveal the inanity of snapping selfies by taking it to the absolute extreme. Silly? But it’s just an art project for now.

Check out the whole project by heading towards or tapping the source link here.

(Thanks: The Huffington Post)

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