New Apple Filing Hints At Work On OLED-based Wraparound Display Tech For Next-Gen iPhone

Curved 2.5D glass display technology is what found in the upcoming smartphones and of course are realtively rarity in the electronics world, today. With the likes of TVs, monitors, and handful of Samsung smartphones, such as Galaxy S6 Edge brings the technology live. Now that, according to the new patent apllication it seems like Apple for its future iPhone devices, planning to offer curved displays and is also expected to dump LCD screens in favor of the OLED displays by 2018, making this filing particularly appropriate.

About Apple patents, there are in plenty which never seen the light of day in a real production. But nevertheless gives the hope that someone inside the company thinks  to come ouside the bok but can’t see it anymore and similarly happens with Google’s ideas which aren’t the only ones letting their engineers come up with weired and awesome solutions.

Submitted last September and followed by an approval thsi week. The latest patent could very well be used at some point in the near future, and not with the launch of iPhone 7. Patent description here reads “electronic device with a wrapped display,” which is what Apple was rumored to have on its roadmap for a while now. Given point have inspired designers to build their own concepts based on rumors showing how Apple could employ the technology with the iPhone.

Suggesting taht Apple is at least experimenting with the concept of wraparound display for its portable gadgets, which also shows a range of different uses for the OLED-based displays, ranging from devices with flat screens and minor curves to some uniquely odd ideas – including fully cylindrical displays. With that said before, Apple indeed making the switch from LCD to flexible OLED as soon as 2018, we can predict which of these will find their true way to market first, and it’s obviously not the cylinder.

The filing simply refers to a “hallow display cover structure,” which could be protected by crystalline material such as sapphire. Titled “Electronic Device with Wrapped Display”, would be some form of flexible display technology, might be OLED and not beyond that.

Images attached to the paten doesn’t resemble any current or rumored Apple device, which could be suggested for something other than iPhones, to any number of products. The most true illustrations do show a tube-like design virtually simlar to what an iPod and iPhone have, including ports and buttons.

Reference there to app support and possible touch, voice, and/or accelerometer input, kalmarks of the Apple’s mobile devices, which could be at least ones better able to blend under pressure.


(Source: USPTO)

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