This Video Shows What New iPhone 7 Could Look Like Based On Latest Rumors

Speculations regarding Apple’s next-generation iPhone is coming our way as the iPhone SE has been officially added to the currently available iPhone range. Apple’s iPhone 7 has already been widely rumored over the last few months, meaning that we’ve already accompained to a number of speculative suggestions about how the large-screened smartphone will look, as well as discussed about a potential underlying technical specifications. Based on some visual sanity to those rumors we now have an unofficial 3D rendering of the device that combines all of these rumors into one video representation of what we could expect to receive later this year in September.


The concept model itself has been designed by Geert van Uffelen and looks to actually try and focus on what could realistically become a reality with the September-bound iPhone 7, rather than follo the well-speculated path of some of other creation that try to bundle in all sorts of madness that stand no chance of actually making it into a production device.

The first thing that the designer believes is that the overall physical form of the device will remain fairly conistent with the current iPhone 6s. The initial walk around the device immediately becomes clear is that the antenna lines have disappeared from the rear of the phone in line with recent speculation.

Still there’s a noticeable change found on the housing at the top of the device that protects the built-in rear camera module. A single circular lens housing has been extended to form an alongated pill shape with an intriguing flash. This is an instant indication that the designer suggests Apple could be planning on releasing the iPhone 7 with the highly speculated dual-lens camera setup. Currently, we aren’t sold ourselves on whether or not that will happen, but can understand why it forms part of this concept design.

The bottom of the iPhone 7 concept is where the interesting changes appear. The iconic 3.5mm headphone jack has been removed to make space for an additional stereo speaker grill that would radically improve the dramatic sound output of the new device. Apart from the Apple’s standard Lightning port for charging and sync, the hardware still contains three metallic dots on the back of the gadget which we can only imagine are meant to be the Smart Connector port that has made its way onto the iPad Pro.


The video is finalized by throwing in a Deep Black color for the iPhone 7 as well, which is much darker than that of running Space Gray offering in the existing iPhone lineup. Of course, it looks slick!

What you think about the new video? It’s probably the most accurate concept iPhone 7, that will see between now and the ultimate unveiling of the phone.

(Source: ConceptsiPhone)

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