Samsung Galaxy S8 Photo Allegedly Leaked Its Design And Release Date

Now that we have our first alleged look at yet-unannounced Samsung Galaxy S8 as well as info regarding its potential release date timeline. Here are details.

However, after the Galaxy Note 7 debacle we’re still waiting for a much improved gadget, as Samsung is getting ready to launch its next flagship device this year, the highly-anticipated Galaxy S8. When compared to the hugely popular smartphone of 2016, the Galaxy S7, the making of S8’s is a bit difficult, because the predecessor already brings with it almost the futuristic configuration when talking about its terms and conditions. Rumors have been flying around for a while now, and two new leaks may have tipped us our most pertinent information as to the Galaxy S8’s overall design and of course, the release date yet.

First off kicking with the design after all, a new leak claims to show a purported photo of the unannounced smartphone. The Galaxy S8 is said to feature a revolutionary design, and the photo does show some design changes, but we’re not sure they warrant the tag of revolutionary. From the photo prospect, it would appear the new photo will nix the Home button that Samsung smartphone users are so familiar with, and with rumors that the fingerprint scanner has been simply moved to the rear of the device, which does all make a bit of sense.

The removal of that button although appears to have allowed the top and bottom bezels to be made smaller, though we don’t have an exact comparison and that doesn’t mean the capacitive Menu and Back buttons are gone, too. Wholesome, if you think of galaxy S7 Edge with no buttons, then that’s what this photo shows.

The second leak surrounds the device’s release date. Previously rumored to be launched in March, but the newest rumors is that penciled for April 18th. We have also heard that the device won’t go into mass production until March, which does lend credence to this new release date rumor.

As we draw nearer to march, we expect more concrete information to hear on what the original galaxy S8 will be in and when it will arrive, but what we do know right today is that we can’t wait to see it.

With Apple’s iPhone celebrating its tenth anniversary this year and a new design expected for that device, 2017 could be a good year for the smartphone fanatic community.

(Source: Weibo)

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