Samsung Will Be Next One To Kill The Headphone Jack Like Apple’s Lead


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries exploding while charging, and overheating news ridiculously flying on the Internet Web, but it seems like Samsung is a bit focused on the future. The South Korean firm is considering following in Apple’s footsteps and killing headphone jack on its smartphone, as per this report.

It is also rumored that Samsung in place of the audio headphone socket, may introduce its own audio port or a wireless AirPods-like initiative. While Apple’s decision to remove the iconic 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7 range and the futuristic smartphones was clearly about control. They want their own headphone market and never upsets consumers in the short-term. Now, Samsung is following the same path and apparently considering doing the same thing.

Result in front, in the pace of carrying one adapter with your headphones, you could soon be having two hands-on. That’s because if Samsung does ditch the headphone port it will definitely replace it with a proprietary port. Right now, Samsung is thought to be at the exploratory stage to see how viable it would be.

There are some of the best Bluetooth Wireless earphones out for sale. By introducing another port, Samsung would control licensing of the port meaning it could undercut Apple’s licensing fee for headphone manufacturers. The Apple’s AirPods cost you $159 for a pair of earbuds. It (Samsung) could also offer the port to another Android handset makers cheaply, or even for free, as a way of expanding its use quickly and furthermore becoming a stronger competitor to Apple’s Lightning port.

Headphone manufacturers will be witnessing the fact of the upcoming interest and some concern. Each headphone jack replacement means licensing deals need to be struck in order to support the new ports. With the evolution of wireless technology, wired standard will be under the ground in the future, but there is time for that as the technology needs to mature a bit more.

Samsung may follow the steps of Apple, but it seems won’t be exactly the same way, because, LeEco and Moto devices also removed the audio jack and relying on USB Type-C port for their handsets. If that’s the case, then Samsung should ideally allow for much better audio enhancements and also help slim down the device waistline as well, in order for it to make sense.

Maybe it will push manufacturers to look more closely at wireless audio and start producing a greater range of completely streamlined products that have all-day battery. For that, you have to wait and see what happens next.

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