This Crazy iPhone Concept Has Laser Keyboard Features Dual Displays [Video]

Although the speculation regarding Apple’s next-generation iPhone launch turns to be true this coming September. With that said, you would like the treatment that would bring an utterly insane device that steps away from the norm and bring some serious next-level features? Exactly what the artist Jermaine Smith has done his insane iPhone concept.


Concept renders and mockups start to make their appearance this time of the year and few of them are generally based on some limited to reality relating to various information and component leaks that find their way into the public domain. Whereas, Smith’s iPhone concept is far different from what you have witnessed so fart, seems to be one man’s personlized vision of the device he would want in his pocket. In terms of its overall visual aesthetics, the concept doesn’t deviate massively from what we already have. Nevertheless, it’s the internal specifications that make this hardware really stand out. Check that!

What crazy here is that the concept is equipped with daul displays. The main 2K – or Quad HD screen – that’s “all about the pixels,” sits proudly on the front of the device allowing users to interact with content in an absolutely awesome manner. The rear display, a low-resolution, low-power offering, serves up secondary content as well as act as the main power-saving display. In addition to the dual display, the device also comes equipped with the ability to be charged wirelessly. This something that we can expect in a future iPhone anyway, but we never know what route Apple actually takes here.

Another integration you will notice is that glowing red bar that sits perfectly on the side of the device, which Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has? A glowing indicator for notifications similar to the oft-mentioned Edge. No, that glowing component is none other than a laser keyboard that projects a set of virtual keys onto a hard surface for faster, more efficient typing.

No kidding: Dual displays. Laser keyboard. A single enhanced camera. And a new blue colour option? When can we pre-order this? It’s iPhone 8?

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