What If iPhone 7 Might Come With Apple Watch-Like OLED Display

Rumors although pointing at OLED screens which Samsung already making for Apple Watch, and might use it for the next-gen iPhone. Speculations on its way targeting the new iPhone 7 will be the first Apple’s iOS device of 2016 to get the Apple Watch-like OLED display.

The latest report however suggests that Samsung is currently submitting sample OLED displays to Apple in order to try and win the business for making OLED screens for the Apple Watch as well as the yet unannounced iPhone. Released with the iPhone 7 brand name almost a year away from availability, Apple still has lot more time before it needs to get its suppliers in a row, ready for the inevitable production ramp-up. With that in the scenario, Apple is believed to have November penciled in as the cut off for a decision.

Launching with Samsung's OLED display in 2016?
It is also said that the iPhone 7 release would see a double the current 128GB maximum of on-board storage, given that of 256GB. Technically there’s no reason why Apple can’t add more flash memory to the phone. Apart that, the use of OLED screens in an iPhone would allow for better blacks and contrast as well as a lower power consumption, especially when displaying dark screens, because OLED not needing to light pixels up when they are black, screens of that variety use less power as well. Apple does like to improve battery life, so a move to OLED would apparently make plenty of sense in that regard, too.

Other rumors also claims that Apple is going to pre-install its own SIM. First launched with the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3. Apple SIM is a multi-carrier model, lets customers choose their own contact directly from the device. It would definitely make it to the iPhone 7. SIM support directly into the phone, which eventually get rid of SIM-card slot completely., but there are obstacles to overcome. though.


If Apple does move to OLED screens for its iPhones, then it will be last to do so, with Android smartphone makers having adopted OLED in their hardware over the last past few years. Happiness with the OLED screen available in the Apple Watch should give us a glimpse into the iPhone’s future?

(Via: DigiTimes)

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