Jailbreak developer Hacks NFC On iPhone / Unlocked to use with other NFC-based Devices [Video]

Anyone in the world of jailbreak community will be more familiar with the name Elias Limneos, has accomplished a feat with his jailbroken iPhone 6s device that some are hoping will eventually be a standard feature on iPhones, which have since come equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in 2014. NFC’s primary use in the iPhone is for Apple Pay and allows contactless payments via supported merchants at the point of sale. He’s made it so that his jailbroken iPhone responds to NFC-enabled devices, now. Here are the details you will need to know before leaving this place.

The well-known jailbreak developer was tinkering with the iPhone NFC on his spare time and utterly managed to hack it to work in ways that are typically locked off by Apple out of the box. Ince a highly prominent figure in the community with an array of thriving jailbreak tweaks, he’s now back again with some more jailbreak-related goodness after becoming what would seem tp be the first developer to hack Apple’s iPhone to access the internal NFC tech in order to have it respond directly to external NFC-based devices.

In brief, the well-known developer showcases a jailbroken iPhone 6s interacting with an NFC-enabled tag. The video shows the phone promptly responds to the presence of the tag with a notification identifying the tag. For one reason or another, trying to access the internal NFC goodness of an iPhone doesn’t actually seem to have been too high up on the priority list of those developers involved in the world of jailbreaking. Liberty that putting that aside, Limneos looks to have taken a break from his previous creations of successful tweaks to come up with his next idea which would potentially look to use NFC on iPhone for those purposes besides Apple pay which it’s locked onto.

To the unknown, Limneos releases includes AnsweringMachine and CallBar among other successful jailbreak tweaks, but to get a whole lot more popular as his work with iPhone NFC continues. Presently, he has tested the functionality out with the NFC tags and been able to get the iPhone to instantly invoke a notification in the presence of an NFC tag containing identifying info about that device.

In order to show off that work, the Greek developer has posted a video showing the process put in place on a jailbroken iPhone 6s. This video here includes the jailbroken device instantly responding to the presence of an NFC tag with the already mentioned push notification. But also, it could open the door for an array of tweaks that could offer some real world benefit, such as being able to open up a door system fitted with a RFID lock. The device would also be configured to perform a very specific action, or set of actions when a tag is detected.

It’s something comical to get excited about for those who own an Android smartphone or tablet given the fact that Android owners have been able to use NFC technology for years in a variety of things. However, Apple has always closed down NFC on its devices and used it purely for its own purposes rather than exposing it to third-party developers or equipment manufacturers. What’s interesting to see is where this one goes, but for now, it’s good to see Limenos back hacking around with iOS devices.

Continues with the following proof-of-concept video on YouTube that demonstrates interaction between an NFC-enabled tag and his modified iPhone 6s. In its current form, it is the beginning of a new era into exploring Apple’s closed NFC system. It purportedly works on all NFC-enabled iPhones, including the latest iPhone 7/7Plus handsets. Since the development and understanding of these features are in their early stages, this will come in the distant future, though. Stay tuned for more!

(Source: Elias LimneosĀ [YouTube])

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