Did iOS 11.0.1 Fix iOS 11 Battery Issue For You On iPhone?

Do you think iOS 11.0.1 fixed iOS 11’s battery life issues? We have something to say about that in this side-by-side video comparison.

Speaking about Apple releases, a brand new major version of its mobile operating system comes every year. To fix some of the known issues and problems raised for battery drain, screen resolution, sharing, WiFi and others. Once it did, everyone gets excited about the fact, new features and main improvements. And then when it finally drops, the main topic of conversation is the battery life.

ios-11-vs-ios-11.0.1 Battery Life

The iOS 11 32-bit apps are dying now, concentrating on 64-bit. What about the battery performance of iOS 11? With iOS 11.0.1 now out in the public domain, has Apple made any noticeable power efficiency improvements? Yes, we are coming to talk about that in few seconds.

iOS 11.0.1 Battery Life Improvements vs iOS 11

iAppleBytes has made a habit of trying to find out the answer for the iOS 11 battery life drain problems. Anyone with any previous interest in viewing these battery comparison videos will likely already know that this process is meant to see if any fundamental improvements have been made with the latest release. iPhones or iPads are loading up with the latest firmware, which in this case is iOS 11.0.1, as well as the firmware which it replaces (iOS 11.0). The devices are then charged up to 100% so that they are all starting in the same place before the test begins.

Technically, this comparison is not hugely scientific, though, and it won’t also guarantee exactly how perfect it is in results. But we do get an idea of any initial improvements made. That is for sure!

For this particular test, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 were used with all devices running iOS 11.0.1, which performs slightly better than iOS 11, apart from the iPhone 6s model.

In brief

iPhone 5s managed to last 30-seconds longer running iOS 11.0.1. iPhone 6 managed an additional 10-seconds, and iPhone 7 performed the best on iOS 11.0.1 with an extra 7-minutes and 20-seconds of life. iOS 11.0 was king on iPhone 6s, with the device running iOS 11.0.1 dying approximately 12-minutes quicker than the one running the original iOS 11 release. It seems that Apple has made some battery improvements with iOS 11.0.1, albeit minimal, but for one reason or another, the iPhone 6s appears to be a total anomaly.

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