Disney Team Bets Nokia’s Ozo Camera To Enable Virtual Reality For The Future Films

Nokia putting a fullstop to its former cellphones business and announced its 360-degree Ozo virtual reality camera, which it has positioned the system as a high-end option, but it appears this role of the disc is playing off. Partnered with Disney filmmakers to use its Ozo camera to create 360-degree VR movies. Today the company has announced its deal with Disney that should help deliver on that promise, as part of the agreement, Ozo cameras will be put into the hands of Disney filmmakers and its marketing teams to create 360-degree virtual content across all of the studio’s various brands.

Now that Disney has stuck a deal with Nokia to create VR films “experiences” using the Ozo camera and don’t expect feature-length movies at least not yet. More about making complements to those films, such as the 360-degree cast interview for The Jungle Book. About the Disney, Nokia deal – isn’t entirely surprising though. Nokia is one of those few companies building VR cameras specifically for pros, and what alternatives exist tend to be a camera rig rather than true, ground-up VR designs.

That flow of 360-degree Ozo VR camera content has already begun, with Disney using that for two recent pieces as part of the promotional campaign. One brought viewers into a 360-degree roundtable interview with the director of The Jungle Book, Jon Farveau, the film’s cast, and moderator Chris Hardwick, while another planted them on the red carpet of the film’s Los Angeles premiere.

Nokia Technologies president also stresses that they’re just the begenning, with the Disney deal, they’ll be covering the other studios that it owns like Marvel and Lucasfilm. That means the Ozo could potentially show up being used for 360-degree VR content for Star Wars III, Marvel and Pixar properties.

The team behind the Ozo camera says they will be expanding its product line and the VR camera today that is purpose-built for virtual reality at this professional level. Companies like GoPro are moving quickly, introducing VR camera rigs ranging from $5,000 to $15,000, and Nokia plans to bring the technology behind Ozo to a prosumer rig as well. For now, Ozo gives Disney a ready-made tool that’s meant to plug into its existing video production workflow — it doesn’t have to bend over backwards to offer a virtual set tour.

Whatever! To give Ozo camera a future VR glimpse, what we can do is to wait for an unique experience. Expect to see VR become a regular staple of Disney’s big Hollywood movie launches, even it it’s not the star.

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