Don’t Expect MicroSD Card Support On Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Reports Say

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is unlikely to have a SD card support, and yes that is according to this source, suggesting not to expect microSD card on the purported Galaxy Note 5, which is alleged to go on sale in September or may be October.


However, it is not officially confirmed by the South Korean Electronics, though it said that like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, the Galaxy Note 5 won’t be integrated with an expandable microSD card slot in favor to the UFS 2.0 internal storage which is almost two times faster than eMMC 5.0 memory technology that it uses in most of the smartphones currently.

What is UFS 2.0 tech? Actually this technology used in smartphones, utilizes seperate memory controller which is a bit different from the eMMC 5.0. Samsung will have to find the ways to implement this new controller with the one used on SD cards in order to make them work altogether without affecting the overall performance of the Note.

Dubbed UFS 2.0 (Universal Flash Storage), this technology is considerably faster than the eMMC 5.0 memory found in competing smartphones. That said, clear to see that a microSD card simply cannot match the performance offered by UFS 2.0 storage and could be the reason why anyone expecting to see expandable storage make a return on the Galaxy Note 5 is most likely to be very unfortunate

MicroSD card is only used to determine when it comes to things like storing apps, photos and other media files, and could also face security issues if not taken any care, and where the UFS 2.0 comes as a simple solution and be able to coexist peacefully with an SD card. For Galaxy Note 5 and next generation flagships, Samsung will find a better solution in the coming future, and for now, it doesn’t seem that a smartphone with UFS 2.0 storage will be coming featuring microSD card slot built-in anytome soon.

You can have a look at what the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 design leaked in 3D CAD file here. Expect no of Galaxy Note 5 Edge variant debut this year.

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