iPhone X Clone Doogee V Specifications Reveal An In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

More details on Android-powered iPhone X clone Doogee V has revealed an in-display fingerprint scanner and also many other features.

This isn’t the first time we’re hearing about Doogee V smartphone, which has been treated to renders as the Frankenstein of Galaxy S9 leaks and iPhone X by notorious leaker Evan Blass. Now confirming again that we can expect more phones in 2018 that come with an iPhone X-like notch on top.

Currently, Apple is only one company to offer a phone with a notch, but also seems the was past and most certainly the first to sell one in any meaningful numbers. Sorry, Essential Phone.

From Chinese phone maker Doogee, a reproduction is to arrive. The Doogee V looks very much darn close to an iPhone X; there’s the notch at the top with screen wrapping around it into the corners; a display that nearly touches the bottom of the phone; vertically stacked rear camera, and no fingerprint sensor to be found on the back of the phone.

This phone does actually have a fingerprint sensor; it’s just hidden beneath the display in a way both Apple and Samsung have been rumored to have worked on in the past. The very first phone with a fingerprint reader only arrived a few weeks ago, which comes from Synaptics, is available to other companies. Doogee hasn’t said if it’s Synaptics tech, but if in-display reader actually works, it’s likely that it is.

The inclusion of a fingerprint sensor means that Doogee doesn’t have any tech similar to Face ID. Though it’s sized to pretty perfectly mimic the iPhone. It has an earpiece, a selfie camera, and an ambient light sensor, from the looks of it. The phone also has USB-C and a headphone jack.

We even don’t know when the Doogee V will arrive. Price and availability haven’t been announced yet. No specs have been officially spoken out either. Doogee plans to unveil more details about the V on February 27th.

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