Have A Look At The Smallest Bluetooth Headset In The World [Kickstarter]

When talking about headsets and that too Bluetooth earphones, Motorola’s Moto Hint catches our mind which is most popular one around, but what’s more interesting is that here is another smaller headset that is compatible with the iPhone and Android devices. Designed by Dot, dubbed the “world’s smallest Bluetooth headset” and submitted on Kickstarter project, where it almost pledged $300,000 jsut after launch.


Weighing at around 3.5g, Dot offers 6 hours of music playback or 9 hours of talk time with the smallest Bluetooth headset. Battery package gives up to 80 hours of standby time, and Dot supports wireless charging.

Dot uses the lightest Bluetooth technology and can wirelessly connect up to eight device from workingout and to watching your favorite movie. Dot is sweat resistant and with 3 grams of weight, specifically designed to stay in your ear.

Original goal of Dot was to reach $30,000 pledges, which it has received in its first day, and raised $125,000. With 25 days left in the campaign, Dot has already raised almost $290,000, and looks like it not gonna stop anytome soon.

Price: The Moro version of Dot costs $59 on Kickstarter ($40 off its future retail price) and the stereo version of Dot sells at $79 ($70 off irs actual prce). The Dot Bluetooth headset will ship anywhere in the world at some point in December.


More details about the world’s smallest Bluetooth headset Dot.

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