Apple Stops Signing iOS 11.3.1, No Downgrade For New Electra Jailbreak Possible

As expected, we are now in the front of Ian Beer’s exploit that is applicable to iOS 11.3.1 following the release of iOS 11.4 in which Apple patched this particularly released exploit.

CoolStar, the developer of Electra has already confirmed that he and his team going to update Electra jailbreak toolkit to support iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak on all devices including iPhone X.

Finally, Apple took its decision and stopped signing iOS 11.3.1, making it impossible for downgrade from any firmware above it. It did not happen suddenly and surprisingly, rather Apple does this every time when it wants to counter any jailbreak releases like this.

Those who are on iOS 11.4 or beta versions of iOS 11.4.1 and iOS 12 can now no longer get back iOS 11.3.1 for jailbreak purposes, but individuals who are still running iPhone and iPad on 11.3.1 are safe now.

If you have taken our advice in saving SHSH2 Blobs while iOS 11.3.1 was still being available and you are on a signed firmware like iOS 11.1.2 which can be jailbroken, then you can get to iOS 11.3.1 anytime using FutureRestore even after Apple has stopped signing that exact firmware.

Those of you on iOS 11.3.1, we will advise you to stick tight on that firmware as Electra jailbreak will soon be updated to support jailbreak on that particular firmware, complete with support for Cydia Installer and Substrate.

Stay tuned for more details on all things jailbreak updates. We’ll share everything once if anything comes out into the wild.

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