Download: Android 8.1 Developer Preview 1 Beta Factory Images, OTA Update, Release Details Here

You can now download Android 8.1 developer preview 1 beta factory images, OTA update for Pixel, Pixel 2 and Nexus devices. Here are the details.

The headline feature of the newly released developer preview of Android Oreo OS update seems to be a new “Neural Network API.” Version 8.1 will be released in December, but Android Beta Program users can test it right now.

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Google has already said that Android 8.1 will be available for Pixel and Nexus devices, including the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel C, Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Anyone holding these compatible devices can download and install the system images with an unlocked bootloader. The Beta Program issues these updates over-the-air, though, the developer preview is only compatible with the aforementioned Pixel and Nexus devices.

Now that the company behind the Oreo operating system has made the first developer preview of the Android 8.1 software available for people to download and try out. Again, you’ll obviously need to have one of the supported devices in hand if you really want to give the latest update a whirl, but it’s there right now if you want it.

As you’re well aware of what’s inside Android Oreo and its new features. The new version builds on some of those iterations. It tests another change to notifications in which apps can only make a notification sound alert once per second. More important to note is that it contains an Easter egg: the Android Oreo logo now looks like an actual cookie.

Literally speaking, there will be two developer previews ahead of the final release of Android 8.1. With the first of it is here right away. The second, which will come next month, will be the near-final release with things like APIs already in their final stages as of the initial beta release.

However, the second preview of the Android 8.1 developer beta will put the finishing touches in place prior to a public release sometime in December, with AOSP and OEM versions penciled in to arrive before the turn of the year.

The rest of the update likely won’t impact users much at all. But 8.1, it eventually supposed to activate the hidden Pixel Visual Core system-on-a-chip. The image processor is built into both new Pixel phones, yet remains dormant. Google says it’ll activate it in the coming months to make image processing smoother. It would also make HDR+ available to third-party developers.

As part of Android 8.1, there are new APIs to arrive, which users will never need to know about. One of the more sexy ones is a new Neural networks API – aimed at offering hardware accelerated on-device machine learning. There’s also a plethora of APIs that are much less interesting sounding but no doubt just as important to developers, but right now all we need to know is that the release is available to download immediately.

Notable, as what we heard is that there may be one of two issues flashing the factory image onto the recently released Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL however, so it may be worth hanging fire if you own one of those two smartphones.

Factory images for OPP5.170921.005 can be downloaded now. Is perfect for everyone who would rather not wait for the OTA update to automatically land. And if you prefer OTA update the best, and don’t want to wait for it to rollout to your device, we have download links for that as well, device wise.

Factory images of Android 8.1 are linked below:

And OTA images can be downloaded from here:

Next up? Enjoy installing or flashing and good luck!

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